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To the avid soap opera lover, only a few shows can rival The Young and the Restless (Y&R). As expected of any self-respecting soap, the award-winning show has had its share of shady and despicable characters, each delivering on the promise of love, deception, and scandal. And since joining the cast in 2020, Courtney Hope‘s character Sally Spectra has been no exception.

Sally Spectra, played by Courtney Hope, sitting on a desk in a scene from 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Courtney Hope is Sally Spectra and Alex Wyse as Saul Feinberg | Sonja Flemming/Getty Images

In her quest for power and love in Genoa City, the ambitious redhead has charmed us with her drama and crazy antics, garnering a staunch following in the process. In fact, more and more fans who didn’t initially like the character now admit to growing fond of her.

Sally’s controversial time on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Sally’s character in the Bold and the Beautiful is not too different from the Sally we know in Y&R. She was first introduced as the granddaughter of the original B&B character, Sally Spectra, played by the late Darlene Conley (1986 to 2006).

Here, Sally first comes to Los Angeles to revive the family-owned company Spectra Fashions. We follow her in her journey, seeing the extreme lengths she goes through to build the brand amid constant feuds with her then adversary, Steffy Forrester.

She goes as far as spying on Forrester creations and stealing their designs through her sister Coco. However, after being exposed for this, the company was left disgraced and ultimately sold to Bill Spencer Jr.

But that’s not all. Sally was involved in other outrageous schemes to get ahead, including faking a terminal illness and kidnapping Wyatt’s ex Flo Futon. After Wyatt rescued Flo, he advised Sally to move away and work on getting better, which was when she left for Genoa City.

Are fans finally warming up to her?

To say that Sally is ambitious would be an understatement. From the get-go, the former B&B character came to Genoa City with the will to take over. In the relatively short time she’s been around, she’s undoubtedly gained popularity and etched her mark in the hearts of the Young and the Restless fans everywhere.

In fact, she was voted as the best new Y&R character on the Genoa City daily Twitter account.

A fan on Twitter said that Sally often starts trending on Twitter while The Young and the Restless airs and that she isn’t meaner than a lot of the other women on Y&R.

Whether it is her sheer resilience and work ethic, her looks and personality, or the onscreen chemistry Courtney Hope (Sally) had with Mark Grossman (Adam Newman), you can’t help but admire her in the end.

Who is Sally Spectra on Y& R?


‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Choose Sides in the Sally and Chelsea Feud

If you’ve been keeping up with Courtney Hope’s Sally, then you know her story really began in Y&R’s sister series, the Bold and the Beautiful.

It was after being written off the show that she packed her bags and crossed over to the fictional Genoa City, looking for a fresh start in life. This time, alongside the Abbotts, Williams, Newmans, and the rest of the ‘friendly’ bunch in Y&R.

Sally’s narrative picks up from where she left off after leaving Los Angeles. She is a talented fashion designer and gets her first job as the assistant to Lauren at Fenmore’s. Eventually, she climbs her way up the ranks to near presidential level in the company.

We follow her through the usual love triangles, blackmails, and feuds with her new rivals, Summer, and her mother, Phyllis, who were gunning to get her out of the city. She also forms alliances with Tara as they fight over the control of JCV.

After being fired from Fenmore’s, Sally goes on to get hired at Newman Media. It is here that she meets and develops an interest in Adam and, in the process, sparks newly found resentment and rivalry from Adam’s ex Chelsea Lawson.