‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Believe a Murder Mystery Is Coming for Ashland

The Young and the Restless character Ashland Locke’s (Robert Newman) life will worsen. Thanks to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) exposing his lies about his illness, the con man’s gig is up. Ashland’s world is crumbling with his marriage and his business dealings over. However, that’s not the only bad thing coming his way.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Robert Newman wearing a navy blue suit sitting in an office scene on the CBS soap opera.
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‘The Young and the Restless’ fans convinced Ashland Locke will be killed

Ashland’s arrival on The Young and the Restless in 2021 was a breath of fresh air for viewers. Immediately fans were drawn to the handsome businessman who became Victoria Newman’s (Amelia Heinle) new love interest. Like many new characters, Ashland came with a shady past, which included lying about his identity and forging a woman’s will.

But Ashland’s betrayal didn’t stop there. He also lied to Victoria and the Newmans about dying. While Victoria rallied around her husband as he fought for his life, Victor dug further into Ashland’s past. After discovering Ashland lied about his illness, Victor and the rest of the family broke the devastating news to Victoria.

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Now that Ashland’s manipulations are out in the open, many viewers wonder what’s next for the character. On Twitter, most fans expressed their theories that Ashland would be involved in an upcoming murder mystery. “I believe Ashland is going to be murdered, and there is no shortlist of the usual suspects, some we may not even know about,” wrote one viewer.

Ashland Locke made a lot of enemies

If a murder mystery does occur, there will be a long list of suspects. Ashland made many enemies during his time in Genoa City. Of course, Victoria is the one hurt by his actions. She believed he loved her, yet she played like a fool by her husband. Victoria’s in an emotional state following Ashland’s betrayal, and there’s no telling what she’d do.

Aside from Victoria, other members of the Newman family would love to see him dead. Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) made several remarks on killing Ashland. Also, Victor and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will be upset with Ashland for hurting their daughter, and they’ll do anything to protect her.

Plus, Victoria’s ex-husband Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) is someone who was on Ashland’s bad side. Billy ran an expose on Ashland thanks to tips from Jesse Gaines (Jamison Jones); however, Jesse later retracted his story resulting in a lawsuit and Billy losing his job.

Drama from the murder mystery

The Young and the Restless appears to be leading toward Ashland’s murder. There will be a lot of mystery and drama surrounding the who-dun-it story. While the Newmans present a united front, they’re not prone to backstabbing each other. With prison hanging over their heads, certain family members will go to great lengths to protect themselves.


The Newmans aren’t the only relationships that will be affected. Billy and Lily Winters’ (Christel Khalil) relationship will also be tested. Lily will be torn between supporting her boyfriend and worrying if he’s guilty with Billy, a possible suspect. The stress may be too much for the couple, and Billy will find himself back in the arms of Victoria.

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