‘The Young and the Restless’: Fans Celebrate Phyllis and Nick’s Demise

Another The Young and the Restless couple may be on the verge of a split. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) began experiencing problems in recent weeks. Despite their best efforts, it seems there’s no hope of reconciliation for the couple. With Phick’s relationship on the verge of collapse, a few fans are happy with the news.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Joshua Morrow in a dark suit and Michelle Stafford in a teal dress, share a hug.
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‘The Young and the Restless’ fans celebrate Phick’s breakup

Nicknamed Phick, Nick and Phyllis have become one of The Young and the Restless‘ super couples. Although they have their share of fans, they also have their opponents. Phyllis and Nick’s recent problems have put fans on edge. Longtime Phick fans hope the couple works things out; however, others want the pair to call it quits.

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On Twitter, viewers are already celebrating the couple’s impending split. “I’m rooting for their quick demise. We’ve suffered enough,” wrote one fan. Another commenter chimed in with, “I’m done with Nick and Phyllis. Totally done. Never saw one flicker of a romance.”

Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers’ relationship history

The long-standing relationship between Nick and Phyllis began in 2005. Nick began having an affair with Phyllis following the death of his daughter Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes). However, Nick’s wife, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), discovers the truth, leading to their divorce and the breakup of Phyllis and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). The situation becomes complicated when Phyllis becomes pregnant but doesn’t know if Nick or Jack is the father. A paternity test confirms Nick is the dad; however, it’s discovered the test was inconclusive years later.

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Nick and Phyllis marry, but their marriage is tested with numerous problems, including Sharon. Nick and Sharon rekindle their romance, and Nick leaves Phyllis to get back together with his ex. Throughout the years, Nick and Phyllis have had plenty of reunions. Their latest reconciliation began in 2019, but now, the couple may be on the outs due to their latest angst.

What’s next for Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman?

Some fans believe Phyllis and Nick will be able to work things out. However, The Young and the Restless appears to be moving full steam ahead with the breakup. Phyllis will reunite with Jack. After the Jabot CEO confesses his love for Phyllis, it has her questioning her feelings for him.

As for Nick, who’ll he end up with is a mystery. Recently, his scenes with Sharon have fans convinced they’ll reunite. Sharon’s currently married to Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), although their relationship has been on the rocks due to her friendship with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). However, it may be the other Newman brother Rey should be more concerned with.