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Abby Newman’s life on The Young and The Restless has been a roller-coaster since Chance Chancellor‘s presumed death and subsequent return. Fans haven’t always had the best relationship with Abby and seemingly jump on any chance at roasting her or her looks, but have had mixed feelings about Abby’s style recently.

'The Young and the Restless' actors Melissa Ordway as Abby Newman (R) and Erika Girardi (L) and Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott (center) smiling
(L-R) Erika Girardi, Peter Bergman as Jack Abbott and Melissa Ordway as Abby Newman | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Fans loved Abby Newman’s blue and white dress

Fans have always been critical of the wardrobe choices in The Young and The Restless. Many characters have found themselves at the heart of discussions as fans weighed whether the characters were appropriately dressed or not.

Abby Newman is the latest entry to the discussion, as fans can’t decide whether they love her style or hate it.

Abby has taken a lot of heat in recent episodes, especially during Chance’s disappearance. Her grief saw her neglect herself and her child, and while her family and friends supported her, fans were not sympathetic.

Abby’s style has been a hot topic, with fans expressing conflicting opinions. Y&R recently posted a photo of Abby Newman in a white dress with blue stripes. Fans loved the dress and that it was a great choice for a work environment. Another fan jumped in, noting that they think Abby’s style is “hit or miss.”

Other fans noted that the dress looked great on her, making it an even better choice.

Fans can’t stand Abby Newman’s other looks

Although fans praised the show for the blue and white outfit, many collectively agreed that Abby Newman doesn’t always have a fashion sense. Many fans called the character (and the show) out for other dresses the Newman heir has worn in the past.

Fans can’t stand her work outfits, with many claiming that she dresses as though she is heading to prom instead of work. On the same Twitter thread, one fan said that most of the time, Abby is “ridiculously dressed.”

Other fans commented on her “poofy ’80s” dresses and the “Barbie prom dresses” that looked “ridiculous.” Fans voiced their support for dressing her in more classic and flattering ensembles like the blue and white dress.

Fans are generally critical of the outfits on ‘Y&R’


‘The Young and the Restless’ Has Way Better Costuming Than ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, According to Fans

Y&R is set in Genoa City, which is in Wisconsin. The city can get very chilly, especially during winter. However, many characters don’t always dress appropriately for the chilly weather, and some even wear sleeveless outfits. Realistically, they would freeze in their outfits.

Fans have also called out the show for constantly dressing the characters in party outfits. Although the characters sometimes go out to party at Society or The Grand Phoenix, many of their outfits always look overdone, even when they go to work, and fans can’t stand it.