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The Young and the Restless leading lady Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), can’t stay away from drama. Victoria’s latest turmoil stems from her husband, Ashland Locke (Robert Newman). After learning he’s been lying to her about a huge secret, Victoria is left with a decision. Does she forgive Ashland or cut him loose?

'The Young and the Restless' actor Amelia Heinle wearing a black strapless dress.
Amelia Heinle I Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images

‘The Young and the Restless’ fans think Victoria Newman should give Ashland Locke another chance

Victoria and Ashland were the next power couple on The Young and the Restless. The two mixed business with pleasure as they embarked on a whirlwind romance. But six months after their fairy tale wedding, the honeymoon may be over.

Victoria had the biggest shock of her life when she discovered Ashland was lying about his illness. She believed her husband was dying and supported him as he sought a cure. In reality, while she was a loving wife, she was a pawn in Ashland’s twisted game.

While Victoria’s family believes the best thing for her is to divorce Ashland, it’s not that simple. She still loves him and is contemplating staying with him. A decision fans believe is right. On a Twitter thread, most viewers agreed Victoria should forgive Ashland.

“When I look at what Victor and Adam have been forgiven for, then yes. But it should take some serious work and redemption on his part and no easy forgiveness,” wrote one user.

“Yes, they can work through their issues just like all other couples on this show,” replied another fan.

Ashland Locke is on the road to redemption

Victoria was hurt deeply by Ashland’s betrayal, but the couple may not be ready to call it quits. Last week was a pivotal moment in their relationship. Victoria was in a car crash after swerving to miss Rey Rosales’ (Jordi Vilasuso) vehicle.

Ashland was following Victoria and also crashed his car. However, Ashland managed to rescue an unconscious Victoria and drag her to safety. Thanks to Ashland’s heroic actions, Victoria survived the crash with minimal injuries.

While Victor and Nikki Newman (Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott) were grateful for Ashland rescuing their daughter, all is not forgiven. Victor and Nikk are still angry over Ashland’s deception and hurting Victoria. As far as they’re concerned, the best thing Ashland can do is leave Victoria alone.

However, the Newmans will see more of Ashland.

Victoria Newman is not ready to give up on her marriage

The Young and the Restless fans know Victoria and Ashland’s story is far from over. Victoria’s still conflicted over what to do about her husband. When Victor told her about Ashland’s lies, she didn’t want to believe it, but she couldn’t ignore the truth.


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While she hates Ashland for lying, she can’t turn her back on him. Ashland declares his love for Victoria and wants to work on their marriage. Victoria senses he’s sincere and is considering taking him back.

Victoria’s family won’t be pleased with her decision, but it’s her life. Ashland is already on the right path to redemption; however, it will take time before he fully earns Victoria’s trust.