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Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is one of the leading ladies on The Young and the Restless. As the daughter of Victor and Nikki Newman (Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott), she’s been the center of attention since birth. While she was once a beloved heroine, some fans are tired of the character.

'The Young and the Restless' star Amelia Heinle wearing a black strapless dress and posing for photographers.
The Young and the Restless star Amelia Heinle I Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images

Victoria Newman goes from heroine to villain on ‘The Young and the Restless’

Since 1982, The Young and the Restless viewers have watched Victoria grow into a successful businesswoman and mother. Victoria was once portrayed as a troubled heroine. From fighting with her father to divorcing Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), fans have been along for every bump in her road. 

While many fans loved Victoria, recently, she’s become one of the most hated characters on the show. Her current storyline with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) has her becoming a cold-hearted witch. That’s why some fans are turning against her.

Fans are tired of Victoria Newman being treated like a victim

Like many of The Young and the Restless characters, Victoria is prone to drama. She’s recently found herself in a tough predicament with her ex-husband Ashland. After breaking up with him and scamming him out of $250 million, Ashland wasn’t letting Victoria go that easily. 

During an intense confrontation at her house, Ashland became furious when Victoria rebuffed his advances. Her brother Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) came to her rescue but might have caused more damage. During Nick and Ashland’s scuffle, Ashland died when he hit his head on the fireplace mantle. 

Victoria and Nick panicked, but luckily Victor stepped in to take care of matters. The Newmans are part of another murder coverup, and their main focus is protecting Victoria. The way the family treats Victoria as a victim is outraging fans on Twitter.

“The way the writers continue to infantilize Victoria while at the same time write about how strong and intelligent she is boggles my mind. She has made one mistake after the other and done more damage to NE and the family than Adam ever did, but she must be protected at all cost?” wrote one viewer.

“Ughhhh. So sick of Nikki cuddling her spoiled brat Witchatoria,” declared one user.

“Always daddy to the rescue. No wonder Victoria always acts like the victim,” another fan wrote.

Is she headed for a downfall on ‘The Young and the Restless’?

Some of The Young and the Restless fans hope Victoria gets knocked down a peg. Well, they may get their wish based on the current direction of her storyline. The police investigate Ashland’s death, and Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) believes his father-in-law is involved. While Victor may convince Chance to drop the case, someone else will blow it wide open.


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Victor’s son Adam knows the family is covering up Ashland’s murder. Adam resorts to his old tricks when he steals Kevin Fisher’s (Greg Rikaart) laptop, with the footage of Ashland’s body removed. With this evidence in his hands, Adam can finally get revenge on his family.

If Adam releases the video, it’s over for the Newmans. The scandal will impact Newman Enterprises while also destroying the family’s bond. Nick will be the fall guy since he’s responsible for Ashland’s death, but will Victoria confess to her role in the cover-up? Or will she let daddy dearest continue to protect her?