‘The Young and the Restless’ Fans Want Phyllis and Nick to Split For Good

Sometimes a relationship has run its course, and it appears that is the case for Nick and Phyllis on The Young and the Restless. They’ve had their ups and downs over the years, and now many fans are ready for them to break up only to never make up, according to a Twitter post from The Young and the Restless. So what could possibly be so bad about this relationship that everyone is eager to see the end to an iconic romance?

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The forbidden romance

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According to Fandom, like so many romances on soap operas, this particular romance started as an illicit affair. Nicholas Newman, played by Joshua Morrow, was married to Sharon Newman. The pair had their share of problems, thanks in large part to secrets Sharon kept from Nicholas, and infidelity on both sides. 

After the death of their daughter Cassie, Nicholas began an affair with Phyllis Summers, currently played by Michelle Stafford. When she became pregnant, it became clear that Nicholas and Sharon needed to end things, so they did.

The pair soon married for the first time in Texas due to a Genoa law that states they couldn’t get married before the baby was born. Once the baby arrives, they have another wedding in Genoa City that felt more official to them.

The wedding came to an abrupt halt, however, when Phyllis was arrested for blackmailing Sharon and Brad Carlton. She managed to worm her way out of the charges for a time. Being arrested at her own wedding could have been considered a sign by some, but Phyllis was determined to be with Nicholas, so they stuck it out.

It wasn’t long before Sharon began to creep back into the picture, however, and Nick turns to her for comfort. When Phyllis learns that Nick and Sharon were sneaking around behind her back, Phyllis and Nick decide to get a divorce.

After discussing it, they decide to stick it out and are even going to renew their vows. In typical soap opera form, Sharon races into the wedding just in time to object, since she’s still in love with Nick, but it’s all for nothing. Nick and Phyllis renew their vows, and it feels like a happily ever after is just around the corner.

Not meant to be

As it turns out, the happily ever after is off. Sharon follows the newly reunited couple to Paris, where she shares a passionate kiss with Nick. He’s reminded of his love for her, and he soon leaves Phyllis to be with Sharon.

At the second wedding for Nick and Sharon, Phyllis bursts through the door in a white dress, where she promptly faints. The two then weave in and out of relationships with others, but always seem to be drawn back to each other — when Nick isn’t being drawn to Sharon, anyway.

The pair is currently in yet another secret relationship, where they are sneaking around. It would seem like the pair would have learned their lesson by now, but it’s clear they haven’t. 

Fans are over it

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This particular on-again, off-again relationship has been going on for years, and the fans are ready for the pair to find someone new to be with. On the Twitter post that instructed fans to reply with a whole heart if Nick and Phyllis should remain together, and a broken heart if they should break up, the result was an overwhelming wave of broken hearts.

There were a few whole hearts scattered throughout the comments, but they were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the broken hearts. Whether The Young and the Restless listens to fans and ends this particular storyline is unclear, but it’s obvious that the majority of fans are done with it.