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The Young and the Restless is one of the remaining three soap operas still on the air. Since March 1973, the show has been a famous staple in the CBS network’s daytime lineup. While the series is still going strong, recent behind-the-scenes changes to the writing staff has fans concerned.

'The Young and the Restless' cast poses for a group photo celebrating the show's 50th anniversary.
The Young and the Restless cast I  Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

‘The Young and the Restless’ makes changes to its writing team

Like many soap operas, The Young and the Restless undergoes changes to its writing staff. Currently, Josh Griffith serves as head writer and executive producer. After being promoted as the executive producer following Anthony Morina’s departure, Griffith’s made massive changes.

According to Daytime Confidential, Griffith fired five breakdown writers from the writing team. The firings were reportedly because of budget cuts. The breakdown writers are responsible for mapping storylines throughout multiple episodes, and now Griffith will take over their duties.

Fans fear the new writing changes will lead to the show’s cancellation

The Young and the Restless has come under criticism for its writing. The boring storylines and lack of direction has turned away many viewers. Although the show is undergoing new writing changes, fans aren’t so hopeful about the show’s future.

On a Reddit thread, fans expressed their theory that the show in danger of cancellation. “The fact that all the breakdown writers were fired and JG is ‘taking over’ from them should make it blatantly obvious that TPTB want this show canceled. JG is being paid to be the scapegoat/fall guy,” declared one viewer.

“Not sure, but I’m worried. This isn’t good,” another commenter replied.

“I hope there’s still many years of Y&R to look forward to, but this sub definitely made me worry about it,” another fan wrote.

“This show will probably die with Josh. Who knows maybe they’ll attempt to move it to Paramount+ for a second chance, which is at least better than canceled completely,” another viewer replied.

Is ‘The Young and the Restless’ in danger of being canceled?

The Young and the Restless fans don’t have to worry about the show being canceled anytime soon. The CBS soap opera is renewed through the 2024 season. However, what happens afterward is anyone’s guess.

Soap operas aren’t a hot commodity like they were decades ago. In the past 13 years, As the World Turns, Guiding Light, All My Children, and One Life to Live have been canceled. In 2022, Days of Our Lives moved from its longtime home on NBC to Peacock.


‘The Young and the Restless’: 4 Ways to Improve the Show

With three soap operas still left, fans are worried about their favorite shows. While The Young and the Restless is still a popular daytime TV program, it doesn’t have the spark like it did 50 years ago. Fans crave excitement, drama, and epic love stories; something they’re not seeing currently.

The writing changes don’t look promising for the soap opera. If the show can’t recapture some of its magic, it might be the next soap opera to say goodbye.