‘The Young and the Restless’: How Did Melissa Claire Egan Meet Her Husband Matt Katrosar?

Since 2011, Melissa Claire Egan has been starring as Chelsea Lawson on The Young and the Restless. On the show, Chelsea’s relationship with Adam Newman is perhaps her best known one, with its ups and downs keeping many viewers at the edge of their seats.

In real life, Egan is currently married to her husband, Matt Katrosar. Katrosar is not an actor, so some fans might be curious to know how he and Egan met. Read on below to find out more about their relationship.

Melissa Claire Egan
Melissa Claire Egan | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

How did Melissa Claire Egan meet her husband Matt Katrosar?

According to CBS, Egan and Katrosar were introduced to each other by mutual friends. She said, “Matt and I were set up by our mutual close friend, Josh. Our first date was six hours long. I kissed him first—he likes to remind me of that.”

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest last year, Egan also raved about Katrosar, who is an executive at Pluto TV/Viacom.

“I’m a lucky chick,” she told the outlet. “He’s the smartest, most loyal, most wonderful guy. He’s the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Egan also added, “He’s confident, so he doesn’t get insecure by me getting all of the attention or me making out with a bunch of random dudes. He just wants me to be happy and he’s my No. 1 fan, which feels really great. He’s the best!”

Melissa Claire Egan and Matt Katrosar got married in 2014

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Egan and Katrosar tied the knot in July 2014 in a rustic ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. According to Inside Weddings, the couple decided to have an interfaith wedding because they came from two different religious backgrounds.

“It was extremely important to have both of our faiths represented,” Katrosar said.

Egan and Katrosar also had personalized vows for their relationship. Egan shared, “They declared our love but were also very specific to us. I said something like, ‘I vow to eventually, maybe, one day, contemplate, at some point, take a cooking class.’ People were crying, laughing, crying, then laughing some more.”

Egan revealed that, being an actor, she had been “married” several times already on TV. However, her own occasion was, of course, an extremely special one. She said, “I’ve had every hairstyle, all different dresses, various ‘themes’ to my TV weddings… so it was pretty cool to finally do it my way.”

Melissa Claire Egan’s husband recently appeared on ‘The Young and the Restless’

Matt Katrosar Melissa Claire Egan
Matt Katrosar and Melissa Claire Egan | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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 Katrosar is not an actor, but he recently appeared on The Young and the Restless. On the Nov. 4 episode of the show, Chelsea got kidnapped by a masked man who was played by Katrosar.

Egan revealed on Instagram that, because of COVID-19 restrictions, there were not many people who were allowed to get close to her. As such, it was only natural that the show hired Egan’s real-life husband to become her on-screen kidnapper.