‘The Young and the Restless: Mishael Morgan Breaks Down Amanda’s Mindset Now That the Twin Truth Is Out

After months of extreme teasing, it finally happened. As soon as Mishael Morgan rejoined The Young and the Restless, viewers figured a connection would be established between her new character, Amanda Sinclair, and her old character, Hilary Curtis. Now, it is official: Sinclair is the long-lost twin of Curtis.

In a recent interview, Morgan dove into the reveal and where things stand at the moment.

Mishael Morgan
Mishael Morgan | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

The reveal that happened on Tuesday was a long time coming

On Tuesday’s episode, the DNA results came back and Amanda told Devon that she is Hilary’s sister. This was pretty much confirmed to be headed in this direction a few weeks ago Amanda learns that she has the same blood type as the late Hilary.

She and Hilary also have the same birth date. It would have been odd for the show to throw so many hints that the two are related for them to not be.

On Instagram, a lot of viewers critiqued the fact that the show was rehashing the soap opera trope of a long-lost twin, especially since the Mariah-Cassie reveal wasn’t too long ago. Others questioned why the show killed Hillary off just for this to happen.

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One fan wrote, “I really wish they would’ve gone a different route with this already done storyline. It would’ve been better if Hilary faked her death for some reason and Nate was involved with it. Talk about drama!”

“Ugh. Who didn’t see this coming!?” said someone else. “Can we get something fresh or creative!!!”

Here’s what Morgan says about what’s to come

Speaking with TV Insider, Morgan gave her thoughts now that the connection has finally been established. For Amanda, she says that things are “pretty strange and crazy” now that her whole world has been turned upside down. Because Morgan played both characters, she has a unique experience in her point of view, added with the fact that she was in Hilary’s shoes too.

“Being the person who played Hilary and plays Amanda, I feel Amanda’s loss even though I’m the one who played Hilary,” she said. “There’s a feeling of loss and that Amanda can’t get any closure. Hilary’s gone. Amanda is stuck in this place of ‘Oh, I had a sister, but I don’t have a sister.’”

Much of the discourse with viewers has revolved around Amanda eventually getting with Devon and throwing a wrench in his relationship with Elena. They are likely to develop a stronger relationship, but it necessarily may not be romantic.

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From Amanda’s perspective, Devon is the only person through which she can get to know her late sister and who she was. “Amanda not only doesn’t have a sister, but she can’t track down any information about her [birth] father and her mother is gone, too,” Morgan explained. “Her only tie to Hilary is Devon. I don’t know how it’s going to go given how painful it was for him to lose Hilary.”

This is surely just the beginning of a storyline that will play out for several months as Amanda comes to terms with having a sister and coping with the fact that she will never meet her.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.