‘The Young and the Restless’: Nick Needs to Grow Up, According to Fans

There’s always new drama surrounding Nicholas Newman on The Young and the Restless. The son of Victor and Nikki Newman was born on the show amid the couple’s divorce. Nick’s role was played by numerous child actors before Joshua Murrow’s casting into the character’s teenage years.

Since his casting as Newman, Murrow has formed a love-hate relationship with his fans because of his playboy nature. While he’s shown great strength through adversity, most of his problems seem to be self-inflicted. 

Why ‘The Young and the Restless’ fans think Nick Newman needs to grow up

Sharon and Nick Newman sit vigil during a medical crisis for Faith on The Young and the Restless
Nick Newman and Sharon Newman sit vigil during a medical crisis for Faith on The Young and the Restless | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Newman has been the center of attention since day one. Born into a wealthy family right after his parents’ divorce, his mother, Nikki, sheltered him a little too much. Although he had a close relationship with his stepfather Jack Abbott, Newman being estranged from his father didn’t make things any easier for him. Like most young men with daddy issues, his craving for his father’s affection is probably to blame for his less than ideal character. 

Since his teenage days, Newman has had several notches under his belt. His inability to think rationally or exhibit any true loyalty to the women he’s involved with earned him disapproval among female fans. Not to mention his overreliance on his family even as an adult.

In a recent Twitter post, a Y&R fan expressed his displeasure with Nick, stating that Nick needs to grow up and learn to live without depending on his family. Newman has had everything handed to him and has never experienced any real struggle. Adam has been the villain of the story. But fans still have a soft spot in their hearts for him compared to Nick. 

Nick’s past immaturity has fans frowning

It appears that Nick’s immaturity knows no bounds. Even when things are going great for him, he always finds a way to stir up trouble or perhaps trouble always finds him. On two separate occasions, he’s cheated on his girlfriends with their best friend. Against his mother’s wishes, Nick pursued a relationship with Sharon Collins, briging on a fair share of drama.

While the couple were happily married, Newman’s immaturity struck again. He came home drunk one night and slept with his wife’s best friend “thinking it was the wife.” Agreeing to keep the incident a secret, life went on as usual. 

After dodging that bullet, Newman cheated on his wife again. But this time around, Sharon found out and left him. The pair would soon find their way back to each other amid a custody battle for Sharon’s daughter, Cassie. Like the golden boy he is, Newman took an executive job at his father’s company in an effort to make his relationship work. 

While working for his father, Newman turned Victor in for campaign sabotage. His dad received community service. This further damaged their father-son relationship. The two reconciled following a visit to Victor’s father on his deathbed. Newman then understood his father’s reasoning and extended an olive branch to him. As their relationship improved, Victor made Newman the CEO of his company. Newman went back to his old ways and had multiple affairs, putting his marriage to the test. 

The couple would then separate following Cassie’s death, which led Newman to a dark place. Instead of focusing on his family, Newman started an affair with Phyllis Abbott, who later became pregnant. Shortly after divorcing Sharon, Newman and Phyllis eloped to Mexico, got married, and had a baby girl, Summer Newman.

Nick would then find his way back to his father’s company and have an affair with his ex-wife, Sharon, although he went back to his wife, Phyllis. The circle of Newman’s reckless acts never seem to end. No wonder fans say he needs to grow up. 

What changes do fans expect from Nick?

From his past actions, it’s clear Newman has nonsense of responsibility and is always one rough patch away from making a terrible decision. While his actions always seem to affect everyone around him, Newman shows no empathy or concern for the people he claims to love.

Outside of his family, Newman has no life of his own. So when things go awry, it pushes him further into the abyss. According to fans on Twitter,  Nick needs to find his own path and make something of himself instead of relying on his family for everything.   

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