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The Young and the Restless leading lady Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), is prone to drama. Currently, she has her hands full with the chaos involving Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Ashland Locke (Robert Newman). However, Nikki will be shocked when she meets an old adversary.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Melody Thomas Scott wearing a silver glittery dress.
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Nikki Newman and Diane Jenkins meet on ‘The Young and the Restless’

The last few days have been rough for Nikki on The Young and the Restless. Her daughter Victoria was injured in a car crash but was rescued by Ashland. But that’s the least of Nikki’s concerns.

The Newman matriarch is in for a big surprise when Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) drops a bombshell. Jack tells Nikki that Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) is alive and in Genoa City. Naturally, this comes as a shock and a relief for Nikki.

As longtime fans will remember, Nikki was the one who murdered Diane. However, Nikki didn’t face any charges because she acted in self-defense. While the news of Diane being alive is good, Nikki won’t see it that way.

She and Diane have a long-standing rivalry, and it’ll undoubtedly heat up again when the two finally meet.

What started Nikki Newman and Diane Jenkins’ epic feud?

The Young and the Restless started Nikki and Diane’s feud in 1997. It began when Diane married Nikki’s ex-husband Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Diane wanted a baby, but Victor had a vasectomy as per Nikki’s suggestion. Nikki took every opportunity to rub the information in Diane’s face, which infuriated the new Mrs. Newman.

After Veronica Landers shoot Nikki (Candice Daly), Victor divorces Diane so he can remarry Nikki, who he believes is dying. Nikki survives, and she and Victor reunite after realizing they love each other. A furious Diane by getting a hefty settlement in her divorce from Victor.

Later Diane discovered Victor had frozen his sperm and plotted to be artificially inseminated. Diane gives birth to Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), whom she believes is Victor’s son. However, a DNA test showed Victor wasn’t Kyle’s dad. Nikki later revealed she switched the sperm samples, and Jack was Kyle’s father.

Diane left town and returned several times. In 2010, she returned, causing trouble for those who wronged her. She dated Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) before marrying Victor again. Victor’s marriage to Diane, Nikki began drinking again.

An enraged Nikki then confronted Diane at the park, where their physical altercation led to Diane’s “death.”

The women reignite their feud

Diane’s return from the dead spells trouble for Nikki on The Young and the Restless. After learning from Jack about Diane, Nikki wants to see her former nemesis. Things get tense when Nikki and Diane see each other for the first time. Both women have a lot to get off their chest as they rehash their past.


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While Diane claims she’s a changed woman, Nikki is skeptical. Diane hurt Nikki and her family too many times, and she won’t let her do it again. Fans are anxious to see their epic rivalry, and head writer Josh Griffith told Soap Opera Digest promised it will be exciting.

“We’re doing a slow simmer on that side that will be building because we have two great players in Susan and Mel that will make this all fantastic.”