‘The Young and the Restless’: Sally Spectra Made 1 Move Showing She’s Changed

Soap operas such as The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless are known for going to extreme lengths to advance their storylines. Things such as death, life-threatening illnesses, and betrayals are some of the angles that such shows use to move the story along.

However, fans feel that the show’s writers crossed a line with one character who should have never been interfered with from the beginning. Fans knew Sally Spectra as the sophisticated, fashion-forward, self-driven redhead who suddenly turned into an emotional undecided fraudster. However, if the recent episodes are anything to go by, it seems Sally is slowly mending her ways.

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Sally was driven and determined when she first appeared in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

When Sally was introduced to fans in 2017, she was depicted as a strong, determined, and driven young lady who had inherited her great aunt’s personality and red hair. Her great aunt ran a fashion house called Spectra Fashions, and Sally had taken it upon herself to bring the fashion house back to life.

Throughout the show, Sally showed that she stood by the right thing and had integrity and confidence at every turn. When her sister wanted to go work at Forrester to steal their designs, Sally was uncomfortable and decided against it. Even when she was faced with possible jail time for the design theft, she still managed to get Thomas Forrester to help her out.

Sally’s life hasn’t been short of drama on the show. When she got into a near-death experience, she confessed her feelings for Liam. However, she was devastated to learn that Liam was in love with Steffy and the kiss they shared wasn’t enough for him to abandon Steffy for her.

She also developed feelings for Thomas, which made her more vulnerable. She ended up rebounding with Wyatt. Their relationship seemed to flourish, and Wyatt seemed to be the best fit for her career and love life.

Wyatt helped Sally advance her fashion career, and for a time, their relationship looked like it could brave the weather. However, when Wyatt’s ex Flo returned, Sally was once more left heartbroken and jealous.

When Wyatt returned to her with a proposal, she quickly took him back, but their relationship ended up crumbling together with her career. Desperate to get Wyatt back, Sally ended up faking a life-threatening illness, which made her a pariah to her friends.

Sally moved to Genoa City for a fresh start

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When Sally arrived in Genoa City, she went to Jabot to meet up with Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. She met Summer Newman, who was working in the boardroom. The Abbott patriarch Jack soon joined them, and he let Sally know that her reputation had preceded her, making Sally nervous.

After letting them know why she was there, Jack told her that she should grab some coffee while waiting for Lauren since Lauren was in a meeting. Summer accompanied Sally to Crimson Lights, where they met Theo Vanderway. Theo and Sally had gotten acquainted in New York.

Summer warned Sally of messing with Theo, but Sally assured her that she could handle him. Sally landed a job as Lauren’s assistant, and when she got wind that JCV was re-launching, she saw it as an opportunity for getting to the top. She declared her bid to be president to Lauren and Jack, who both turned her down.

Sally’s latest move shows she’s changed

When Dina Mergeron died, the Abbotts were devastated. Theo, however, decided to file a lawsuit contesting Dina’s will, thus challenging the Abbotts to Dina’s estate. At first, the Abbotts weren’t aware of Theo’s case.

However, Sally got ahead of the situation and ran to tell Jack of the impending suit over Dina’s estate, proving that she has changed. Theo had asked Sally to spy on the Abbotts for information about the case. Jack appreciated Sally’s report and began acting on it, and her honesty shows she’s turning a corner.