‘The Young and the Restless’: Is a Sharon and Nick Reunion On the Way?

At the backbone of every soap opera are its romances. These typically feature steamy love scenes as well as deception and trickery. One famed love story from The Young and the Restless delivers on all that and more: the relationship between Sharon and Nick.

The two have darted in and out of each other’s lives for almost two decades on the series, and fans are used to seeing them involved. Now that they’re not together, some suspect they may be close to reuniting. So will they get back together, and what do fans of the show think about it? 

‘The Young and the Restless’: Who are Sharon and Nick? 

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According to the show’s wiki, Sharon and Nick met with they were both 18 in 1994. Like many classic love stories, this one started in high school. Nick was from a rich, well-to-do family while Sharon was from a less wealthy home.

Both were dating someone else when they met, but true love would not be denied. Initially, Nick’s mom did not approve of Sharon due to her class. Nick’s father Victor, on the other hand, accepted Sharon, even going so far as to pay for her mother’s pricey medical procedure. Sharon emphasized to Victor that she would repay the debt, which endeared her to him. 

Of course, as with any soap opera, their love story has hardly been one of “happily ever after.” There’s been plenty of drama between 1994 and now. 

The rocky relationship between Sharon and Nick

Sharon Case as Sharon Newman and Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman
Sharon Case as Sharon Newman and Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Throughout the years, this couple has been through it all. First, they married. Nick was then falsely imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit before being acquitted. They had a child together, Noah, and then adopted Sharon’s first-born, Cassie. From there, their romance involved: 

  • Multiple affairs
  • The death of Cassie
  • Numerous separations and reconnections
  • A baby swap after Sharon hospitalizes herself for kleptomania
  • A switched DNA test revealing that Nick is the true father of her daughter, Summer

They’ve alternately claimed to love one another and then turned around and betrayed the other. It’s classic soap opera stuff: both characters act honorably out of love at some points and deplorably at others. They’ve also been tied to other characters as well.

More recently, the character of Adam has been linked to Sharon, with some fans almost annoyed at how long it is taking to get the two together. Recent activity on the show has led some to believe Sharon and Nick may link back up. 

How ‘Young and the Restless’ fans feel about a potential Sharon and Nick reunion

Now that Nick and Sharon may be reuniting, what do the fans think? For longtime fans of the show, this may come as something of a relief. The Sharon/Nick relationship is one of the most enduring in the series.

While they’ve been through plenty of tough times together, they have also persevered through many of them as well.  It’s hard to imagine the characters not coming back together, even after they drift apart. 

One fan of the show took to Twitter to discuss the possibility of their reunion, stating: 

“They work well together. Always did hope they’d make it as a couple on the show. (Always did think Christian was Sharon/Nick’s too), not Dylan’s, and that crazy doc/nurse pulled a baby swap and kidnapping while one baby did die, Nick identified.”

Those first four words sum up the duo better than any other: “They work well together.”  Through all the hardship they’ve experienced, two characters (and actors) having chemistry plus history together is an equation for success on screen. Fans will no doubt be happy to see them involved with each other if only for the interesting storylines it brings about.