‘The Young and the Restless’ Speculation: Sharon Will Reconnect with Tucker

Tucker McCall is back in town, and his arrival promises a lot of juicy storylines. Tucker has had many relationships and strong arcs on The Young and The Restless. As one of the powerful businessmen in Genoa City, Tucker has caused empires like Newman Enterprises and Jabot to shake to their core. His return might also mean that he and his former lover Sharon will reconnect. Find out more.

'The Young and the Restless' star Sharon Case as Sharon Newman
Sharon Case as Sharon Newman | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Inside Sharon and Tucker’s history

When Victor disappeared and was presumed dead, many wondered what would happen to his business empire, Newman Enterprises. However, while everyone sat back and watched, Tucker had other plans. Tucker approached Victor’s then-wife, Sharon Newman, with business advice.

Tucker understood how vulnerable Victor’s business and wife were, considering the mogul’s disappearance, and used it to his advantage. He offered Sharon advice that, unbeknownst to her, served only to benefit him.

Sharon took Tucker’s advice, but upon implementing it, the stocks for Newman Enterprises fell. Tucker then pursues Sharon romantically, and they begin an affair. Sharon had already resolved herself to the fact that Victor wasn’t returning and could be dead, so she decided to marry Tucker when he proposed.

However, Victor reveals himself to everyone and realizes what Sharon and Tucker have done. He throws Sharon in jail for the damage she did to Newman Enterprises and pursues an annulment of their marriage. Tucker, however, feels some remorse for the trouble he’s landed Sharon in, but when he tries to make amends, Sharon turns him away.

The SCC arrests Tucker for his hand in the fall of Newman Enterprises’ stocks, but he makes a deal with Victor to hand over his business, Beauty of Nature, for Sharon to walk. Tucker eventually leaves Genoa City for Hong Kong, putting his past behind him.

Will Sharon and Tucker reconnect?

After leaving for Hong Kong, Tucker wasn’t seen again in Genoa City and was only mentioned as having gone off the grid. It wasn’t until recently that Tucker showed himself again to the city’s residents, making an ominous stop by Diane’s apartment while she was away.

Sharon has been involved with several leading men on Y&R, but most of her relationships have crashed and burned. Her last known marriage was to Rey Rosales, but he died after suffering a heart attack which led to him crashing his car.

Since then, Sharon hasn’t had any romantic involvements. The show teased that she may reunite with her ex-husband Nick Newman, but this didn’t come to fruition, and Nick seems to have found comfort with his brother’s ex, Sally Spectra.

Sharon and Tucker didn’t end things on great terms, but she is a forgiving person. After all, she and Adam have patched things up, and she even gives him advice on his love life. If Tucker were to return singing the “I’ve changed” tune (and maybe walking the talk), Sharon might give him a second chance, which is a welcome idea since the characters have great chemistry.

What is Tucker up to in Genoa City?


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When Nikki and Phyllis tried to destroy Diane’s reputation with a scathing expose, it was revealed that some forces behind the scenes were responsible for squashing the article. It’s too much of a coincidence that the reveal that Diane Jenkins had someone pulling the strings for her coincided with Tucker’s return.

Tucker and Diane were lovers and schemed together, so his arrival could be what Diane needs right now, with everyone against her. Tucker may also be in town to help his son Devon Hamilton fight his upcoming business battle, and given he has proven to be willing to do anything for his son in the past, it’s not a far-fetched speculation.