‘The Young and the Restless’ Star Camryn Grimes Reveals She’s Bisexual in Lobbying for ‘Batwoman’ Role

Camryn Grimes is no stranger to playing groundbreaking roles. The Young and the Restless cast member and Emmy winner has played to roles on the long-running CBS daytime soap opera.

Now, it looks like Grimes wants to throw her hat in the ring as a replacement for Ruby Rose on The CW’s Batwoman. In doing so, Grimes has opened up about her sexuality in a way that she hasn’t done before.

Camryn Grimes
Camryn Grimes in 2016 | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

At 30, Camryn Grimes is a soap opera veteran

Though she just turned 30 this year, Grimes is actually a longtime soap opera actress. For over 10 years, she portrayed the role of legacy character Cassie Newman. The character, the daughter of Sharon and Nick Newman, died on-screen in 2007. Her death had reverberating impacts across the show and canvas and is arguably one of the biggest storylines in the show’s 47-year history.

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Grimes returned several times after the character’s death up until 2014, appearing as a ghost. In 2014, she debuted as a new character, Mariah Copeland. The character was initially hired by Nick’s father, Victor, to gaslight Sharon. It is soon revealed that Mariah is the secret daughter of Sharon and Cassie’s twin who was stolen at birth. Initially written as a “bad girl,” the character has become one of the most beloved on the show like her sister and has been praised for being multi-dimensional.

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Camryn Grimes’ groundbreaking storyline as Mariah Copeland

For the past several years, Mariah has been in a relationship with a woman, Tessa Porter. The character is bisexual. The reaction from viewers was polarizing, given the fact that many soap viewers are conservative. The network executives reportedly had Grimes and her co-stars on gag orders to not speak to the press about the storyline when it unfolded. Mariah and Tessa are the first major same-sex relationship in the show’s history, though an attempt was made in the 1970s.

Grimes won her Daytime Emmy award in 2018 for her work in the storyline, dedicating her storyline to “everyone who dares to love truthfully.”

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Later in 2018, she spoke more about the backlash she and the show received on the same-sex storyline. “I’ve gotten over clapping back to everything because I realize it’s just not the important conversation,” she said. The important conversation is something we’re already doing. We’re continuing this story. It’s happening and those people who don’t agree, I’m sorry, but they’re just going to kind of go away eventually. It’s an old mentality that I think will die out.”

Here’s how the actress revealed more about her sexuality

Last week, it was revealed that Ruby Rose would be leaving the title role on The CW’s DC Comics series, Batwoman. The network says the role will be recast and their goal is to select another LGBT actress to replace Rose.

Grimes tweeted that she wanted to be cast as the iconic character, saying, “Can I be the next @CWBatwoman??,” accompanied by a gif of Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation.

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A fan stepped in, saying, “As AMAZING as this would be and as much as I support this idea, I think they’re looking for an out LGBT actress for the role.” Grimes used this as an opportunity that she is a member of the LGBT community and identifies as bisexual, just like Mariah.

When a fan asked did she just come out, Grimes said, “Yea, pretty sure I did. Lol.” More fans continued to send Grimes messages of support. “Good for you @camryngrimes. So proud of you. You are a beautiful person and love that you are so real. Don’t ever change,” said one person. Someone else added, “What?! Yes, girl!!! So proud of you! Speak your truth and be PROUD!”

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.