‘The Young and the Restless’ Star Tyler Johnson Says He’s out at the Show, Meaning This Potential Storyline is DOA

The Young and the Restless star Tyler Johnson has played Theo Vanderway for a year. But it looks like his time on the show, at least for now, is coming to a close. Johnson unveiled the news on social media at the top of this week.

Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson | David Livingston/Getty Images

Tyler Johnson plays Theo Vanderway on ‘The Young and the Restless’

Theo was first introduced on the show in 2019. Johnson was not the first actor to portray the character. Nic Luken first played Theo for a little bit before the role was recast with Johnson.

Storyline-wise, the show made Theo’s father, Eric Vanderway, is the son of Dina and Stuart Brooks. The revelation retconned the character to be a part of two legacy families in the series in the Abbots and the Brooks. With the latter family, the character was notably the Brooks family member to be a main character on the series in years.

Tyler Johnson announces his exit from the show on social media

Johnson first sent out a cryptic tweet on Monday night that said “That’s all folks!” Next, he quote tweeted an older tweet that thanked fans of Theo. In the quoted the tweet and said, “This seems even more appropriate now. Until the next project. Sending you all love!!!”

Many fans thought that this meant that Johnson would be exiting The Young and the Restless. In a subsequent tweet, he confirmed this news, stating, “I’ve always been an optimist. Today isn’t an end, but a new beginning. Thank you to everyone tuned in to watch ‘Theo Vanderway’- it was all a blast. The future is bright. Love you all.”

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The show and the network have not released an official statement about his departure.

His dynamic with the Abbotts will not be explored now

A lot of fans figured that a huge storyline going forward would be Theo’s relationship with the Abbots, especially his cousin Kyle, following the death of their grandmother, Dina. According to several spoilers, Theo is heavily believed to take action against the Abbotts in the aftermath of Dina’s death, possibly suing them.

Daytime Confidential reported, “As Dina’s (Marla Adams) kids mourn the loss of their mother, the social media guru (Tyler Johnson) decides to get ALL of her coins and sues them for Dina’s entire estate! Will he succeed?”

While this may still happen, it looks like the chances for this to be a long-ranging arc are now dashed, including Kyle and Theo possibly having their relationship strengthened (or further strained) now that Dina has died.

No word on when Johnson’s final airdate will be. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.