‘The Young and the Restless’ Will Reportedly Try to Resume Production in July

The Young and the Restless has been on hiatus since March as part of a standard protocol to shut down filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At first, CBS had enough episodes stacked up to last a few weeks.

As the shutdowns in Hollywood continued, it became apparent that the content would run out in April, and old episodes of The Young and Restless eventually filled the void.

While some fans may appreciate the specially-themed throwback weeks, most are looking forward to the day when the series returns. It may happen sooner than you think.

'The Young and the Restless' cast, 2013
‘The Young and the Restless’ cast members, 2013 | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Some ‘Y&R’ cast members battled coronavirus

When the coronavirus began tearing through the world, a number of celebrities tested positive for the condition. In the world of daytime soaps—specifically Y&R—the virus affected a few actors. Among them are Greg Rikaart, who was ill for days before receiving a proper diagnosis.

He told USA Today his battle was scary and self-isolation was rough. “My husband would slide a few books under the door at night for me to read, and I would FaceTime my son and read to him,” he said. “There were some nights where I couldn’t get through a page or two without coughing and having difficulty breathing. It was brutal.”

Jordi Vilasuso (who plays Rey Rosales) and his family also tested positive in April, and they chose to open up about their experience with a video. He, his wife, and two daughters were sick but fortunately didn’t require hospitalization.

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‘The Young and the Restless’ plans to restart production

With Los Angeles slowing reopening, Hollywood is following suit by carefully planning out its filming activities.

According to Deadline, The Young and the Restless is looking to resume production sometime in July, but it is not firm. Cast and crew members were sent a letter with a proposed date of July 6.

Producers are keeping a watchful eye on how things are working for The Bold and the Beautiful, as Y&R’s sister show started back up on June 17 before shutting down again after one day.

B&B instituted strict testing measures, hired a COVID-19 coordinator, but put a temporary clamp on production to improve their testing protocols. They are slated to reopen their filming stages on June 23.

Even if The Young and the Restless resumes filming in early July, it is too early to tell when new episodes would actually air. Safety precautions are a top priority.

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What are the new rules for filming in Hollywood?

Per a report from NPR, the Los Angeles County Department of Health issued a set of rules for filming sets.

Craft service is barred, and along with required routine disinfecting and hand-washing, it’s recommended that scenes involving fights or intimacy are limited or eliminated. Don’t expect to see kissing scenes anytime soon on Y&R!

Testing is also required for all cast and crew members to prevent an outbreak, and they are not allowed to work in large groups. In the meantime, The Young and the Restless team is gearing up for the 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards which will air as a virtual ceremony on June 26.

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