There Are New Child Abuse Claims in Ongoing Custody Battle Between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

The bad parenting allegations between former lovers Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian keep coming. Their once amicable co-parenting relationship is now a war of words and a fight for custody over their 3-year-old daughter, Dream. The two have been in court for several months now.

The Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) has been brought in to investigate alleged injuries on Chyna and Kardashian’s daughter. Chyna’s former friends have also gotten involved and are said to be siding with Kardashian in the custody battle.  

Blac Chyna allegedly called child protective services on Rob Kardashian after finding burns on their daughter

Page Six reported that DCFS is now engulfed in Chyna and Kardashian’s custody war. According to the media outlet, Chyna sought the help of DCFS when she reported that Dream was burned while in the care of Kardashian. The first report was made in February 2020 after Chyna said Dream came back from being with Kardashian with a first-degree burn on her leg.

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Chyna said after seeking medical care for the burn, Kardashian admitted the accident took place in his home and promised it would never happen again. But according to Chyna, it did. Chyna allegedly discovered another burn on Dream on the same leg as the first just a month later.  

Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, gave a statement to Page Six.

“Chyna immediately sought out and obtained appropriate medical treatment for Dream’s burn. Chyna was shocked and extremely upset to discover that Dream had suffered a second severe burn very near the first burn on her leg. When Chyna reached out to Rob to find out what had happened to their daughter, Rob initially lied to Chyna and denied that Dream’s second burn happened at his home.”

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According to Chyna’s attorney, it was later discovered that Dream’s second burn came from a lightbulb. Kardashian allegedly was not happy with being reported to DCFS. In fact, his attorney alleged that Dream has arrived to Kardashian from Chyna with unexplained issues, including “rashes, cuts, bruises and a dislocated arm.” 

Black Chyna’s former friends believe Rob Kardashian should be given full custody of Dream

In addition to the recent involvement of DCFS and Kardashian’s counterclaim of abuse against her, Chyna’s former friends reportedly have agreed to testify on behalf of Rob.

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The Blast reported that Kardashian has been in communication with Chyna’s former best friends, Kristina and Karissa Shannon. The outlet obtained alleged text messages between Rob and the sisters.

“Might have my lawyer call you to get the info,” Kardashian wrote in one of the alleged texts. The twins allegedly initiated the conversation with him to claim that Chyna was an unfit mother and used drugs and that they did not believe Chyna provided a stable environment for Dream. 

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Sources revealed to The Blast that the sisters were close to Chyna throughout her pregnancy, but their relationship soured. They now allegedly are willing to testify about behavior they say they witnessed from Chyna that was not healthy during her pregnancy, as well as how she behaves in front of Dream.

Kardashian is allegedly in the process of arranging a meeting between the sisters and his lawyers.