There’s a ‘Home Alone’ Themed Airbnb Available for Rent This Holiday Season

One of the reasons Home Alone resonates so much with fans is due to a young Kevin McCallister’s brilliance in outsmarting robbers in his own home. The 9-year-old set booby traps for the dumb convicts through the use of many of his own toys. Now, fans of the movie can relive some of the traps in real-life by renting an Airbnb modeled after the Christmas classic.

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A ‘Home Alone’ themed Airbnb is currently available for rent 

Renters may be a tad bit upset that the home isn’t in Chicago where the famous McCallister family actually lived. The Airbnb home is in Dallas, Texas, so the chilly weather may be absent this holiday season. Luckily, the home has many of the iconic bells and whistles that are seen in the film to make up for potentially warmer temperatures.

The homeowners have hilariously nicknamed the rental “The Kevin – Holiday Classic + Cheese PIZZA & Traps.” Guest can look forward to the recreations of the booby-traps Kevin set in the film against the wet bandits. 

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Per People Magazine, the home includes cans of paint hanging from the ceiling. There is also a plethora of tiny toy cars on the floor, a cardboard cutout of NBA legend Michael Jordan that’s visible from the front window that Kevin used as a decoy to make the robbers believe the family were home during their break-in attempt.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom duplex allows for up to six guests per stay at just over $300 a night. The homeowners are even throwing in a cheese pizza as a nod to Kevin’s favorite meal. Guests are raving over their stay, giving the home five stars and it’s all due to the well throughout out and special gestures from the owners. 

“A tribute to our favorite Christmas movie! Celebrate the holidays with your nearest and dearest in a house that feels like 1990,” the Airbnb description reads. “You and your family or friends can watch your favorite holiday movies on VHS, drink milk out of fancy glasses, play ping pong, and enjoy tons of photo ops!” 

What the real-life ‘Home Alone’ house looks like today

Despite the film’s release 30 years ago, the home is still as sought after today. The red-brick Georgian-Colonial home used for much of the backdrop for the film sits in the suburb of Winnetka, Illinois, which is about 20 miles from the city of Chicago.

The home went on the market in 2011 and sold the following year for $1.5 million. The previous homeowners owned the home since 1988, per Business Insider

Overall, there are only minor changes to the exterior since Home Alone’s release. The upgrades are two white columns around the front door and a gated, iron fence around the property. The fence was more than likely added to prevent tourists from trespassing.

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Many of the neighbors still reside in the area and say the tourists don’t bother them. One neighbor told the Chicago Tribune in 2019, “Anytime we have visitors, they want to go over to see the ‘Home Alone’ house. It’s probably difficult for the family who lives there, but since they put a fence up a few years ago, at least people aren’t walking up to their windows anymore and looking in.”

Two of the most famous places in the home, the staircase leading to the second floor and the fireplace in the living room, remain focal points.