These 2 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actors Are Married in Real Life, But Their Characters Never Met

Grey’s Anatomy is known for epic romances. Fans get very invested in the relationships at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But some cast members have relationships off-screen, too. Fans on Reddit recently discussed how two recurring characters are married in real life.

Although Denny Duquette and Dr. Lauren Boswell never appeared on screen together, the actors who play them are married in real life, and fans think they make an adorable couple. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton are married in real life 

The cast of 'Grey's Anatomy'
The cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who played Izzie’s love interest Denny Duquette, is married to Hilarie Burton, the actress who played Dr. Lauren Boswell. The two were together for a decade before making it official in October of 2019.

Even though both of these actors have appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, they didn’t meet on set. After starring in the first season of Grey’s, Morgan worked on another hit show, Supernatural. 

Burton had just ended her work on One Tree Hill in 2009, when she went to visit friend Danneel Ackles. The actress starred alongside Morgan in Supernatural, and thought he and Burton would enjoy getting to know each other.

They met briefly before Burton left for a trip to Paris, and couldn’t stop thinking about one another. Morgan and Burton were living together just a few months later. Shortly after that, they welcomed their first child, a son named Gus. 

Denny Duquette starred in one of the cringiest ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ scenes 

Burton and Morgan still hadn’t met when he first appeared on Grey’s as a patient named Denny Duquette. But Denny did go back to Grey’s, and it seems like that second appearance happened after he and Burton had gotten together.

In 2009, Denny returned to the set of Grey’s to re-hash his romance with Izzie. Of course, Denny died in the first season of Grey’s, so he ended up coming back as a ghost, or maybe a hallucination of Izzie’s. 

Fans loved Denny’s character, so they were excited to see him back on the show, even if it was in spectral form. However, when Izzie decided to have carnal relations with the ghost Denny, fans were not on board. That scene is still thought of as one of the cringiest Grey’s Anatomy moments, even though it has been more than a decade since the episode aired.

Still, fans didn’t change their opinion on Denny. He’s still one of the “most loved” recurring characters on Grey’s, according to fans on reddit. 

Not everyone loves Dr. Lauren Boswell 

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Morgan may have played one of the “most loved” recurring characters on Grey’s Anatomy, but his wife Burton may have played one of the most hated. She played the role of Dr. Lauren Boswell, an all-star surgeon who came to work at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Fans are unclear on why, but Lauren broke up Arizona and Callie. She flirted relentlessly with Arizona, despite learning that the other doctor was married.

During a blackout, Lauren and Arizona slept together, ending Arizona and Callie’s marriage. Fans are still bitter. Although fans are all agreed that Lauren is not a “most loved” character, some fans do defend her.

Commenters on reddit pointed out that Arizona is the one to blame for cheating on Callie, since she was the one in the relationship. Others think that Lauren’s confidence was enthralling, and would like to see her back on the show. 

Burton may come back to reprise her role as Dr. Lauren Boswell. The doctor was a consultant, so her stay and Grey Sloan was intended to be short. She left under normal circumstances, when the case she was called in on was resolved. Morgan’s character Denny died.

Without Izzie to see him as a ghost, it’s unlikely he will return, although anything is possible on Grey’s Anatomy.