These 3 Celebrities Are Probably Celebrating National Apple Pie Day

According to recent surveys, ice cream is America’s favorite dessert, but apple pie is still the nation’s most popular pie. Apple pie is so synonymous with American culture that it has its very own national holiday. May 13 is national apple pie day. If you are planning to celebrate the sweet holiday, you are not alone. There are at least three celebrities who will be celebrating the big day, too, because they count apple pie as one of their favorite indulgences.

Apple pie is Justin Bieber’s go-to pie

Back in 2010, when he was just 16,  Justin Bieber sat down and offered fans a list of his favorite foods. The pop star’s tastes are pretty simple. He enjoys ice cream for dessert and has a preference for Cap’n Crunch cereal for breakfast. When it comes to fast food cravings, he picks McDonald’s every time. His favorite sit down meal is, reportedly, spaghetti.

When it comes to pie, Bieber, again, likes to keep it simple. He doesn’t go for fancy pie concoctions or any strange fillings. He prefers a classic apple pie. Since ice cream made the list of his favorite foods, one can assume he likes to top his slice with classic vanilla ice cream.

The Obamas never turned down a slice of apple pie while living at the White House

Barack and Michelle Obama spent eight years in the White House, and during those years, they were cooked for by a stream of incredible chefs. One of their favorite items to come out of the kitchen, however, was Bill Yosses’ apple pie. The former first lady once described the delectable pie as “dangerously good” notes, The Toledo Blade.

They haven’t given up on apple-based desserts now that they no longer call  Pennsylvania Avenue home, either. Mrs. Obama is known for whipping up an apple cobbler of her own. The recipe for the sweet treat has been shared on the couple’s official website and in several food publications. The former first lady’s recipe is markedly different than Yosses’ famed apple pie. Aside from using a refrigerated crust instead of a homemade one, the cobbler utilizes Granny Smith apples. Yosses prefers Mcintosh Red apples for his famous dessert.

Taylor Swift also has a preference for apple pie

Taylor Swift and Bieber might not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but they can at least agree on dessert. Swift, just like Bieber, loves a good apple pie. The songstress isn’t just a songwriter and singer; she also likes to bake. In the last decade, she’s regularly shared some of her sweet confections.

Apple pie used to turn up in her Instagram feed reasonably often. One particularly pretty apple pie offering included a decorative crust heart. Swift has featured everything from homemade cakes to chocolate chip cookies in her feed, but apple pie seems to be her preferred pie.