These ’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Quit the Show Over Death Threats

90 Day Fiancé can get a little divisive. There are often concerns over scammers and sham marriages, infidelity between newly wedded couples, and visa and moving woes. But all of this seems like the sort of stuff one might expect to divide cast and fans alike. However, Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha might be one of 90 Day Fiancé’s most divisive couples. So divisive, in fact, that the couple received multiple death threats — enough for them to feel uncomfortable remaining on the show. 

Why do some fans hate Eric and Leida?

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha have made some questionable choices during their tenure on 90 Day Fiancé. Most notably, the couple is known for kicking Eric’s teenage daughter out of his apartment. 

Ironically enough, this happened shortly after had a confrontation with Leida about what family means in America. In an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Eric tells Leida, “In America, family is what matters. And it’s everybody, even kids from a different marriage.”

Leida had been unhappy with Eric’s daughter, Tasha, living in the apartment. She did not want to have to support Tasha in any way, and made it clear to Eric that she wanted Eric to spend more time concerned with their relationship than with his daughter. 

In an Instagram story, Tasha wrote, “I can fake a smile. I can fake being friendly. But you know what I can’t fake? I can’t fake the years, heartbreak, and anxiety attacks. I can’t fake keeping people up at night because I’m so hurt I’m physically SCREAMING as the tears stream down my face. I can’t fake going to the hospital for stressing myself so sick and being so depressed I stopped eating for almost two weeks. I can’t fake ripping my hair out and punching my desk because I don’t get what I did to deserve this. So please. NONE of you know anything. So stop acting like you do.”

Leida went on to file for a restraining order against Tasha, which Eric allegedly helped her complete. She was successfully granted the legal document.

The couple reacts to death threats

Ever since making the choice to kick out Tasha, it seems as if Eric and Leida have been receiving a lot of hate mail from fans of 90 Day Fiancé

In a now-deleted Instagram video, Leida addressed the death threats. “We put our lives in danger. We put our lives on the frontline. This is not fair. This is not worth it all. We are never going to do this again. … I swear to God, once the contract is done, we will reveal everything that they didn’t on the show.”

Leida went on to add, “How can people wishing me die? This is not fair. I’m a human too. … I didn’t sign up for this. We didn’t know they’re going to portray us that bad.”

The couple decided the death threats were too much to handle, and that it wasn’t worth continuing on the show as a result. “No, we won’t be on the next season. We will deal everything on our own. … Death threats are not acceptable under any circumstances. If I made those death threats by myself I wouldn’t let the authorities involved. Whoever says, ‘Boohoo Leida, this is on you’ … I pray you will never experience the same way like I have … My son doesn’t deserve to be killed or kidnapped. I keep it real. I never lie. I value honesty and I hope it will help me at the court later,” said Leida. 

Eric claimed that TLC is not going to assist them with the death threats in any way.