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Below Deck Sailing Yacht promises everything fans crave from Below Deck but on a very different type of vessel. Instead of a motor yacht, charter guests voyage on a massive luxury sailboat, which is an entirely unique experience.

Eddie Lucas
Eddie Lucas |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Captain Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht revealed one of the biggest differences.“On a sail yacht, the journey is the destination,” he explains in an Instagram clip. “Whereas on a motor yacht you go from ‘A’ to ‘B’. Get all the jetskis out.” Byron Hissey, who is the chief engineer during season 1 added, “All the crew that work on sailboats do it for the love of sailing.”

Chef Adam Glick, who is the crossover chef from Below Deck Mediterranean shared that cooking on a motor yacht is also very different than cooking on a sailboat. “Everything has to be locked down,” he said. “My trashcans, knives. Tomatoes will just roll right off the countertop. This is not a stabilized vessel.” What else is different? Some of the sailing terms may be new for fans. Chief stew Kate Chastain from Below Deck tried her hand at identifying the correct sailing terms. So what are they and how did Chastain do?

What does ‘jib’ mean?

Shephard acted as the game show “host” and delivered the questions to Chastain and the crew of Parsifal III. Chastain was able to quickly answer the first question. Is it Jig, Jip or Swig? Chastain replied that the correct term is jib. First mate Paget Berry explains. “It’s the inner foresail on the bow.”

But then which one is correct? Mortadella, Genoa, or San Remo? “Mortadella is the key component to my crew lunches,” Glick joked. Actually, Genoa and San Remo, Italy are desirable destinations for sailing yachts.

How about Bobstay, Bob or Good Dog? Smartypants Chastain replied, “I believe it’s bobstay.” She’s correct. “The bow, sail and anchor,” she added. A bobstay is “a stay to hold a ship’s bowsprit down,” according to a formal definition.

Is it heeling or peeling?

The next group of terms were Heeling, Wheeling and Peeling. Both Glick and Chastain went with heeling. “Heeling is when the boat is leaning over because of the wind,” Shephard says, motioning with his hands. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht trailer gives fans a little taste of the amount of leaning that’s ahead. People are seen sliding along the deck as the boat goes into a full tilt.

Is it Vibe, Strive or Jibe? “The jibe is when you change directions, away from the wind,” Hissey explains. Of course, the next set of words sets up a great opportunity for one of Chastain’s jokes. The word set is Skyward, Leeward, and Awkward. “I know in close quarters, awkward happens a lot,” she says grinning. But, she then guesses leeward, which is correct. “Like downwind, downwind,” she says gesturing with her hands. She then asks if she’s officially a sailor. Shephard says, “You passed the test!”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht debuts on Monday, February 3 at 9/8 central only on Bravo.