These YouTube Channels Will Help You Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Many people are struggling with positive thinking, mental health, and their sense of well-being during the coronavirus outbreak. The stress of COVID-19 isolation, combined with the uncertainty of the situation, is leaving many people anxious and unsure.

Although you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the bad news on TV and the internet right now, you can take a proactive approach to the public health crisis by choosing to consume more positive media while you stay inside.

These four YouTube channels can help you find a sense of inner balance, manage your money and household, and keep as calm as possible during these uncertain times.

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Kati Morton

Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist, runs a popular mental health channel on YouTube. Morton’s videos cover specific mental health diagnoses, as well as broader issues like developing coping mechanisms, managing anger, and recognizing mental health symptoms in your own everyday life.

The therapist posts new videos every Monday. Recently, she’s been focusing on helping viewers manage loneliness and anxiety related to the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing, and self-isolation. (And of course, if you need professional help with your mental health, contact your healthcare provider or another qualified clinician.)


If you’re into all things wellness and lifestyle with a hint of spirituality—like bullet journaling, productivity, self-love, personal finance, and the Law of Attraction—Lavendaire is the perfect YouTube channel to follow during the coronavirus outbreak.

This channel’s coronavirus-related videos so far include tips on self-care in quarantine and shifting your negative thoughts to positive ones during this difficult time.

Sometimes all you need is a kind approach and a bit of practical, inspiration-laced advice to inject into your everyday routine to get you looking on the brighter side of things. Check out this channel for an upbeat, gentle approach to the outbreak.

Heart Alchemy Yoga With Michelle Goldstein

Looking to find some stress relief during the coronavirus pandemic? Look no further than the Heart Alchemy Yoga channel, which includes guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, and even sound therapy.

From a 40-minute quarantine yoga flow to COVID-19 stress relief meditation sessions and Tibetan singing bowl sound baths for outbreak-relaxed anxiety, you can find whatever you need to get some peace of mind (even when everything around you is uncertain) at this channel. This could be the perfect time to start a healthy habit like a yoga or meditation practice, if you haven’t already.

The Holderness Family and Holderness Family Vlogs

While some people prefer yoga and breathing exercises during isolation-induced stress, others prefer a little comic relief. The Holderness Family Vlogs channel has focused on finding the funny side of COVID-19 social distancing with videos like “Homeschool Expectation vs. Reality,” “Quarantine Expectation vs. Reality,” and “My Husband Is Acting Like Our Dog.”

Meanwhile, the family of four’s main channel, The Holderness Family, features coronavirus-themed song parodies to keep you feeling lighthearted as self-isolation continues. And all the humor is family-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about the kids listening in.