‘Thirty-Nine’: Yim Si-wan Will Reportedly Make a Cameo Appearance

Even the leading characters of Netflix’s Thirty-Nine Korean drama are obsessed with popular fan-favorite dramas. Fans who have been watching the episodes diligently would have noticed the characters are fans of another Netflix K-drama. In Thirty-Nine, actor Yim Si-wan makes various cameo appearances in his role as Ki Seon-gyeom in Run-On. News reports suggest the Korean actor will make a real off-screen cameo appearance in the K-drama.

Yim Si-wan from 'Run-On' appearance in 'Thirty-Nine' wearing grey hoodie.
Actor Yim Si-wan from ‘Run-On’ | via JTBC

‘Thirty-Nine’ Jang Joo-hee has a major crush on the leading male actor in ‘Run-On’

Is this a wall break of some sort? K-drama fans will have to decide for themselves as the characters in Thirty-Nine often watch the real-life K-drama Run-On. As soon as episode two, the leading character Jan Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyun) is a die-hard fan of the K-drama and has a major crush on actor Yim Si-wan.

In episode two, she exhibited every fan’s thoughts when she says, “My gosh, he’s so hot.” The scene happens to be one the K-drama is famous for when Ki Seon-gyeom is running majestically and handsomely down the street toward the female lead.

The cameo appearances of Run-On do not let up as it appears in episodes three and six. Comically enough, if it’s not the three leading characters watching, it’s usually Joo-hee.

Recent news reports explain actor Yim Si-wan will make a real cameo in ‘Thirty-Nine’

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Naver News and KBIZoom have reported Thirty-Nine is in line to get a special cameo appearance. On March 17, SPOTV News reported the actor filmed an appearance for the K-drama. There are no further details, and the scene is being kept hush-hush.

Fans will have to wait and see under what circumstances Yim will appear in Thirty-Nine or what character he will play. In the world of Thirty-Nine, fans are not 100% certain is Yim is known as himself. Regardless, Yim may appear as a popular K-drama actor.

A possible scenario might occur thanks to Jeong Chan-young (Jeon Mi-do). At this stage in the storyline, after learning her future fate thanks to a broken K-drama rule, Chan-young takes control of her life. She decides to try and pursue her dream of being an actor. It might as well be that she meets Yim either as an acting coach or a new actor.

Yim Si-wan’s ‘Run-On’ was also directed by ‘Thirty-Nine’ director

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Yim’s appearance in Netflix’s Thirty-Nine is not a coincidence. Director Kim Sang-ho directed both Thirty-Nine and Run-On. The 2020 K-drama centered on a former sprinter named Seon-gyeom. He grew up privileged but alone and void of social interactions. He is a well-regarded Track and Field athlete who always comes second.

Seon-gyeom realizes he has no more fight in him to become number one and instead quits to become a sports agent. He is kind but innocent about how the world can really work and meets Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung). Mi-joo is a movie translator who believes movies hold vital importance to how we see life.

She becomes Seon-yeom’s first real friend and teaches him about classic movies like Jerry Maguire and John Wick. Their somewhat award yet kind friendship develops into romance.

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