This ‘Below Deck’ Charter Guest Is Still the Very Worst for Captain Lee

After dozens of charters, fans still want to know which guest stands out as the very worst for the Below Deck crew. Unfortunately, the crew has a bevy of guests that have behaved badly.

But when it came down to identifying that single guest, Captain Lee Rosbach still goes back to the guest from season 2 who kept part of the crew’s tip due to a miscommunication about his girlfriend’s food and laggy WiFi. Entrepreneur Timothy Sykes made the charter a quasi-working type trip but also brought along his girlfriend who didn’t eat anything on their preference sheets.

Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas
Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Sykes removed a chunk of money during the tip presentation. He handed the packed envelope of cash to Rosbach but then asked for it back so he could extract some of the tip money, citing the food and WiFi as being problematic.

This was a first for Rosbach

Rosbach stood next to Sykes, speechless as he watched the guest admonish him for his dislikes during the charter. Last year a fan wanted to know who was Rosbach’s worst guest at the time, it was definitely still Sykes. “It was when Timothy Sykes took back some of the tip, 5K after he had already handed it to me and said he was taking some back because his 19yr old girlfriend didn’t like her dinner after he ordered it for her.”

When Rosbach and some of the crew appeared in the Bravo Clubhouse for the 100th Below Deck episode party, he was asked the same question again. Host Andy Cohen pointed out that the crew has had some “doozies” this season. But Rosbach quickly answered, “Timothy Sykes,” he said during the Watch What Happens Live After Show.

Stew Jen Howell said she managed to keep Sykes happy during her season. Sykes actually returned to the show again for season 5. “I actually made Timothy Sykes happy,” Howell recalled. “I was playing ping pong with him where I wore a captain’s hat, it was an old show. But I brought him down a little bit. Apparently, we’d progressed from that, no offense, other season.”

Sykes says he got a bad edit

Skyes blogged about his Below Deck experience after his first appearance. Although he filled his comments with references to his business, he managed to convey his reasoning behind the tip.

“I left the crew a $17,000 tip, which is nearly 25%…and because the chef didn’t listen to my VERY specific instructions regarding the food — not to mention pretty much every group meal was delayed far too long (which they didn’t show) — and the internet didn’t work (I specifically requested they bump it up ahead of time with extra routers, devices etc. which they assured me would make it very fast) and some of the staff was less than cordial, they didn’t deserve a full tip from me and I made sure to let them know that,” he shared.

He warned that he might return for another charter at the end of his blog. And indeed, Sykes did return and the WiFi continued to dog him on the voyage.