This Beyoncé Pizza Story Proves Just How Determined She Really Is

There’s no denying the insurmountable success Beyoncé has had in the music industry. She has earned awards and achievements left and right and has graced fans with incredible concerts and albums since the ’90s.

It seems like it comes so easy to her when you look at her success from a fan’s point of view, but with a sneak-peek into Beyonce’s life, it becomes evident it took a lot of discipline and determination to get where’s she’s at today.

There’s a lot of pressure on female musicians

Women in the music industry are constantly being criticized for their every move, and Beyonce has lived it first-hand. Despite how effortless her career may look from the outside, Beyonce has always been straightforward about women’s pressure from society and her goal of combating it. She even uses all-female musicians to back her up in concerts.

In response to the ongoing topic of female pressures, MEDIAGIRLS explains that “before music videos came on the scene, singers could get by on their amazing vocals without the pressure to look a certain way. Now, in addition to singing talent, women have to be the ‘whole package,’ looking like the media’s version of the ‘perfect girl,’ for magazine shoots, their social media platforms, and music videos on YouTube and elsewhere.”

Beyonce also addresses the issue by using her music to uplift other women. An excellent example is her song and video for “Pretty Hurts.” Each scene exemplifies the pain and mental abuse associated with expectations that seem unattainable and unrealistic. It’s incredibly relatable for many other women who feel the same pressures, even in different aspects of life.

According to the Hindustan Times, Beyoncé explained that “The concept of the video is really a behind the scenes look into society’s take on beauty and how it doesn’t bring you happiness, and it doesn’t move you forward in life. It’s really finding yourself that brings you happiness.”

Beyonce eats only ONE slice of pizza

Beyonce | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Lisa Robinson opens up with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, telling him and viewers about a time she was interviewing Beyoncé and was impressed by her incredible sense of control and determination for success. As the story goes, Robinson explains that they ordered a pizza during her interview with Beyoncé and was surprised she had only ONE slice.

She says, “The idea of being that disciplined to have one slice!” And admits after, “I ate the entire rest of the pizza!”

It doesn’t end there, though. Robinson brings up another time she was shocked by Beyoncé and her self-control when another irresistible treat was introduced. At a party they were both attending, a brownie was brought out. Beyonce cut her brownie into four squares and ate only ONE square. Robinson asked her in amazement, “Who can eat only one square of a brownie?” Beyoncé responded, “It’s part of my job.”

Robinson finished with, “That’s how disciplined she was, and I was in awe because I ate the rest of all of it.”

Beyoncé’s success is a result of discipline and determination


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Not only has she built her empire off of incredible discipline with food, but she set rules for success that would wow just about anyone. It’s one thing to mention Beyoncé’s self-control by limiting herself to one slice of pizza or a quarter of a delicious brownie, but it’s a whole other thing when you find out she incorporates that same determination into every aspect of her life to honor the success she has built for herself.

She explains in a 60 Minutes interview that “every time I think about doing something that’s detrimental to my career that I built, I think about all that that I’ve sacrificed, my childhood, my family, and the people that worked so hard. I could never disrespect all that I’ve worked for [and] my fans [and] the opportunity that I’ve been given.”

She goes on to list her 10 rules for success, and it highlights her admirable work ethic. Her rules are to work hard, be competitive with yourself, always be creative, keep progressing, don’t give up on your goals, we are all stars, trust yourself, get up when you are down, keep your life balanced, and reach for the stars.

She goes on to say, “Sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us we are supposed to be satisfied with, and I’m just not going for it.”