This Canceled Show Destroyed This Actor’s Chances of Returning to the MCU

The consequences of Marvel canceling all their network shows might bring more dominoes falling than anyone thought. In some cases, it could have ruined careers for actors involved, unless able to find their way into the revamped MCU Disney+ shows or movies. One of those who might have been affected the most was Gabriel Luna who happened to play Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD.

There was a Ghost Rider show in the works at Hulu after Luna played the character on SHIELD for a few years. However, since the series was canceled with the other Marvel show purge, it’s made Luna feel a bit perplexed about what his future is with Marvel.

Would there still be a chance for him to return as Ghost Rider in one of the Disney+ shows?

How much will this affect Luna’s career?

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Prior to being chosen to play Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider in SHIELD, Luna was known for being a character actor on the big screen and television. Landing the role of Ghost Rider was really his biggest break in 2016, something he thought could be parlayed into something larger.

At least he was able to play the character on SHIELD for nine episodes. Many critics thought he was the definitive Robbie Ryes after Nicolas Cage’s movie version crashed and burned at the box office.

According to Reyes himself in recent interviews, he at least feels grateful for the critical respect. He acknowledges, though, it was frustrating to wait several years to see if he’d play the role again.

One can imagine a role making an actor a household name would be a prized thing to hold onto, though also bring fear not knowing if it’ll be back again. This is the kind of story not reported enough about the real repercussions of Marvel’s streaming revamp.

Would there still be a ‘Ghost Rider‘ series down the line?

It’ll be three years this year when Luna last played Ghost Rider. He was only able to play him for one season during 2016-17. Nevertheless, with so many Disney+ shows being green-lit, one has to wonder if Marvel will change their minds about creating a Ghost Rider series.

Imagine how frustrating it was for Luna in learning such a series was originally a go on Hulu, then pulled not long after. Since the character connected so strongly to the SHIELD characters, doing a new show on Disney+ probably isn’t in the cards without doing a complete reinvention.

Not that Luna is sitting around in-wait. Even though there was a bit of a lull for him during the original Hulu series prep, he’s gone on to make two theatrical movies. There was even a role in the recent Terminator: Dark Fate.

No doubt Kevin Feige has seen what this change in direction might do the careers of the actors involved. Perhaps there’s still the intention to take action later, despite time always being a problem.

Age is always a factor

A good chunk of the actors in the canceled Marvel shows were teens, making it more difficult for them to revive any of the characters they played at a later date. Shows like Cloak & Dagger and Runaways are good examples of this, with some rumors going around of both maybe reviving down the line.

Considering Luna is 37 now, the usual Hollywood bias on age may creep up once he hits 40. Should there be any revival of Ghost Rider for Disney+, it’ll likely be two or three years away, if not more.

If the character ever is revisited, it may require a new actor, even though Ghost Rider has different comic book iterations on gender and age.

To be fair, let’s hope Feige allows these actors to participate in some way with future MCU projects without having to reboot the entire universe to explain them playing someone else.