This ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Is Having a Baby With Husband She Met on the ABC Series

One of the things, the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is known for is the iconic couples it has given to its fans. Whether is it, Meredith and Derek, Lexie and Mark, or Callie and Arizona, the show has an unending list of couples who have left their mark on TV. But a little known fact is that the show also had, at least one couple in real life, who met on the sets of the show. This couple is now on the cusp of parenthood. 

Who are we talking about? 

Kelly McCreary | Image Group LA via Getty Images

Well, it is Grey-Sloan Memorial’s Co-Head of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Maggie Pierce. Pierce, played by actor Kelly McCreary, was introduced as Meredith’s half-sister at the end of the tenth season and since then has been a series regular. The prodigal surgeon is the daughter of extraordinary surgeons Richard Webber and Ellis Grey. 

Pierce, came to Seattle looking to find pieces of her birth mother Ellis Grey’s legacy. What initially started as a rocky relationship between Pierce and Meredith, eventually turned into an enduring bond of sisterhood between Meredith, Pierce, and Amelia Shepherd. In the season 17 finale, taking the time to realize the importance of love in her life, Pierce got married to Dr. Winston Ndugu.

McCreary is married to director Pete Chatmon, who has three Grey’s Anatomy directing credits from 2019 and 2020. His most recent episode as director was the season 17 episode,  No Time For Despair, where the hospital is struggling to keep up with a high number of patients with COVID-19, giving a searing and painful picture of the pandemic that swept through many American hospitals.

McCreary and Chatmon’s journey to parenthood

McCreary met Chatmon on the sets of Grey’s Anatomy. The couple later moved in and got married in a small seaside ceremony in 2019. 

“Married yo! In our favorite place, surrounded by beloved family and friends, and under the new moon. I am besieged by blessings,” McCreary posted on Instagram with her wedding pictures.

Recently, through another couple of Instagram photos, McCreary and Chatmon announced that they will be parents soon. 

In an Instagram post, both McCreary and Chatmon pointed toward the necklace around McCreary’s neck that read ‘Hot Mama.’

In an interview with People, McCreary shared her excitement about her pregnancy. 

“I actually screamed in shock when I saw pregnant. I mean, I just wasn’t expecting it,” she said. “I had really been mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the possibility that it might take us some time to conceive. So, I was genuinely shocked.” 

McCreary further said that her journey with the pregnancy so far was “empowering.”

What does this mean for Dr. Pierce’s character in the show?

With the filming for season 18 underway, a big question is if McCreary’s pregnancy will be written in the script. McCreary said that she did not know if that was going to happen. She did say that the audiences can expect a “real transformation” in the characters this season.

What changes the audiences will find as the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital return this season, we’ll only find out when the new season premieres on Sep. 30.

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