This Hilarious ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Scene Proved Addison Was ‘Lovable’ Despite Her Flaws

Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) is one of the most beloved characters on Grey’s Anatomy. It wasn’t always like that, however. Once upon a time, Montgomery was despised by fans.

Things aren’t always as they seem, however, and Montgomery managed to turn things around with fans. There was one scene in particular that made viewers adore her. So what was the scene, and why does it have Reddit users in awe of Montgomery?

Why did fans hate Addison Montgomery so much?

Kate Walsh as Addison on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Kate Walsh as Addison on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Scott Garfield/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Most successful dramas typically have the ‘it’ couple that everyone wants to see together. For early Grey’s Anatomy fans, that was Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey. There was a lot wrong with the relationship, admittedly, but they looked so cute together that everyone was shipping them.

Drama kept them apart, but in the season one finale, it finally appeared that the beloved couple would find their happily ever after. That’s when Addison Montgomery showed up.

Montgomery made quite the first impression. Grey and Shepherd were getting ready to leave together when Montgomery spotted them, and announced that Grey was sleeping with her husband. Since neither Meredith nor the fans had any idea Shepherd was married, this was a major blow.

It didn’t end there, however. Montgomery made it clear she was there to get Shepherd back, and she considered Grey to be the reason their marriage failed. That did earn her a few brownie points with fans, as finding out your husband is with another woman is a hard thing to deal with. Then Mark Sloan showed up.

That’s when fans learned Montgomery was the one who originally cheated, and Shepherd left her. After that, fans couldn’t look at Montgomery without remembering how she split up their favorite couple, and tried to place the blame on Grey. Montgomery was such a great character, though, that fans began to warm up to her.

Addison Montgomery showed a lot of growth over the years

While it was true that Montgomery had a less than stellar background, it quickly became clear that she acted out of character when she slept with Sloan, and that the marriage with Shepherd was failing before that ever happened. As fans watched Montgomery fight for her patients, they began to love her. Then when they saw her get her heart broken by Alex Karev, and flee to Los Angeles, their heart went out to her.

On Private Practice, Montgomery was able to step out of the shadow of her past, and show who she truly was. Fans saw a lovable, funny woman who just wanted someone to love her as much as she loved them. There was one scene in particular, however, that really showcased who Montgomery was.

Which scene really turned it around for Addison Montgomery with fans?


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Say what you want about Montgomery, but she had a way of putting others in their place, and walking away like a boss. The first time she really displayed this was in one of the notorious elevator scenes, where she put not one, but three men in their place.

Richard Webber had separated from his first wife Adele, and he was looking to get back into dating. To help get noticed by the ladies, he dyed his hair black to cover up the gray. When Shepherd, Sloan, and Preston Burke got on the elevator, they immediately demanded to know why Webber dyed his hair, and then began to snicker about it.

Montgomery showed her protective side, and pushed all three men towards the back of the elevator. Once she had their attention, she said, “He is alone. All alone! Do any of you even know what that’s like?” 

She looked sternly at Burke and snapped, “Lives with Christina.” Montgomery then to Shepherd, and stated, “Dates the perfect 12-year-old.” Finally, she gave Sloan a disgusted look, and hissed, “Man whore!” 

The men were highly disturbed by the tirade, and laid off Webber. They also learned to treat Montgomery with more respect.

The fans on Reddit were in awe of Montgomery. One fan on Reddit stated, “Man I so miss Addison. She had all their numbers including Burke and easily could go toe to toe with any of them and WIN.”

Another fan wrote, “I love that they made her so lovable. Like tv shows tend to pit the women against where the fans are on teams, but Addison was great.”