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Comedian Aziz Ansari has been laying low after his sexual assault allegations in early 2018, but that hasn’t stopped many people from being curious about his relationship with a new girlfriend.

Last year, he started being linked to a Danish woman named Serena Skov Campbell and the two have been spotted out together several times since then. Of course, a lot of fans are now wondering: how did they meet and is the relationship getting serious? Here’s what we know.

Aziz Ansari
Aziz Ansari | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Who is Serena Skov Campbell?

Serena Skov Campbell is not exactly a public figure, so many details about her have not surfaced on the internet. Nevertheless, news outlets have gathered some information about her.

According to an article published in September 2018 by the Daily Mail, Campbell is a 29-year-old Ph.D. student at King’s College in London. Her studies focus on physics and, specifically, plasmonics. She has worked on a British satellite project that touches on her specialty and traveled to South Korea for a big conference in her field.

How did Aziz Ansari and Serena Skov Campbell meet?

It’s not known at this point how Aziz Ansari met Serena Skov Campbell.

However, the two of them were first spotted together in the streets of New York City and looking to be very close. They were also later seen at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship, after which the Daily Mail got Campbell’s mother to confirm that it was her daughter in the photographs with Aziz Ansari.

How serious are Aziz Ansari and Serena Skov Campbell?

Recently, at one of his comedy shows, Aziz Ansari talked about his relationship with Serena Skov Campbell and indicated that they are getting quite serious.

An audience member from the show revealed to Page Six that Ansari said he had taken Campbell to India to meet his grandmother.

The same person also said that Aziz Ansari opened up about some racist incidents he and his girlfriend experienced when out together:

“He said he and Serena were walking in the West Village when a guy told her, ‘You must get a lot of free taxi rides.’ Serena said: ‘I pay half my share!’ But Aziz told her, ‘You missed the point, he was being racist!’ and she joked: ‘Well then, he should have said, ‘I bet you get a lot of free medical checkups!’ Aziz thought it was sweet that she tried to defend them.”

But whether he will marry Serena Skov Campbell or not is still up for debate. Back in 2015, he told ELLE that he wasn’t sure what it would take for him to get married and that a lot of people nowadays “don’t really feel so enraptured by the institution of marriage.”

Who did Aziz Ansari date in the past?

Ever since he became popular thanks to the hit TV show Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari had been linked to a few people.

He was in a relationship with chef Courtney McBroom for a few years starting in 2013. According to Ansari’s interview with Billboard, he met her long before, but she was not single then. However, the two of them reconnected years later and began a relationship.

He described his romance with McBroom is food terms: “I was the guy eating Skittles and having lots of fun, and then I was like, ‘I need a nice nutritious salad’ — she’s the salad.”

Ansari and McBroom broke up sometime in early 2016.

Afterward, Aziz Ansari was linked to actress Jennifer Lawrence. According to reports, they spent Valentine’s Day 2016 together, but while Ansari ended up having a lot of feelings for Lawrence, she did not feel the same way.

“Jen adores Aziz, no doubt,” a source shared with OK! Magazine, “but she had to put a stop to it.”