This Is How Kourtney Kardashian Really Feels About Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend, Corey Gamble

Since he started dating Kris Jenner in 2014, Corey Gamble has made an effort to get to know each one of her famous children on a more personal level.

Seeing as though he has gotten on well with practically everyone member of this elite bunch, the KarJenner clan considers Gamble part of their family— even if they don’t always see eye to eye with him.

Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Corey Gamble
Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Corey Gamble | Dominique Charriau/WireImage

One of those family members happens to be Kourtney Kardashian. Despite getting along great with Gamble when he first came around the family, Kardashian’s relationship with her mother’s beau has been pretty rocky lately.

Though it appears that they’ve moved on from their past drama, we can’t help but wonder: what are Kardashian’s true feelings toward Gamble?

Kardashian and Gamble had a close relationship in the beginning

When Jenner first started dating Gamble, not everyone in the family was on board with their relationship.

Though they were civil with their mom’s young beau, the KarJenner’s didn’t open up to him right off the bat.

While it took a while for most of the famous siblings to come around, the Poosh founder was one of the first ones to give Gamble a chance and struck up a close friendship with him pretty quickly.

During a 2016 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé and Kim Kardashian opened up about their eldest sister’s “interesting” relationship Gamble.

Though they’d all gotten to know the Atlanta native pretty well at that point, the two youngest Kardashian sisters thought it was a bit weird how close he was with Kourtney.

“Do you find it bizarre with how close Kourtney and Corey are BFF?” Kim asked Khloé during the episode. “It’s weird.”

“Did you see the pictures they took on their hike?” the Good American asked the KKW mogul.

“It looked like a family photo. It was so inappropriate,” the mom of four responded.

“Him and Kourtney go out at night together, they are always together,” Kardashian West said during a confessional.

Later on in the episode, the two eldest Kardashian sisters go out to lunch, where the Skims creator asks the Poosh founder about her relationship with Gamble.

“He’s fun, you just need to get to know him better,” the mom of three tells her sister. “Just ask him questions … but you don’t need to be nosey.”

They recently argued over how to discipline children

From then on, Kardashian and Gamble maintained a close bond — that is until they got into an intense argument over corporal punishment.

During a Septemeber 2019 episode of KUWTK, Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, went up against Gamble in a screaming match about how to discipline children.

The drama unfolded while Kardashian, Disick, and Gamble were to having a family dinner with Jenner, Kardashian West, and family friend Jonathan Cheban.

While at the table, the Poosh founder revealed that she no longer had a nanny for her 7-year-old daughter Penelope due to the little girl having scratched and bit her previous childminder.

“P can be out of control,” Kardashian said. “I think she blacks out and does these things.”

After hearing about Penelope’s actions, Gamble asked Kardashian if she was okay with the idea of hitting her daughter when she acts out in that way, which the mom of three was not onboard with.

“No, but you could also say something to her, in the moment,” Kardashian suggested.

Though the situation was already intense, Gamble caused the entire conversation to hit a boiling point when he said, “If P scratched me, I’m whipping her a**.”

His words took the whole table by surprise, shocking Kardashian and visibly angering Disick.

“My daughter? My little daughter?!” Disick asked as Gamble stood his ground, saying that “whippin’ is that discipline!”

As the tension between Gamble and Disick rose, Kardashian jumped in by sharing that she does not believe in hitting kids to discipline them.

After watching her family go back and forth, Jenner tried to mediate the situation by claiming that Gamble would never hurt Penelope.

Though Kardashian agreed with her mom, she went on to explain that that wouldn’t happen “because he will never be with my kids alone and if he does that in front of any of us there will be a f**king issue!”

Where does Kardashian and Gamble’s friendship currently stand?

Following that intense argument, Kardashian and Gamble met up later on in the episode to talk things out. But instead of making the situation better, things just kept getting worse.

As they tried solving their problems, Kardashian and Gamble continued to disagree over how to punish her and Disick’s children.

While the reality star claimed she and Gamble were “never going to agree,” she went on to explain that doesn’t want the Atlanta native’s take on corporal punishment to stop her from bringing her kids over to Jenner’s house.

Since then, Kardashian and Gamble have continued to remain civil toward each other. But we can assume that they’re not as close as they once were.

Though they still hang out together along with the rest of the KarJenner bunch, it has been a while since we’ve last seen them spending quality time.

From what we can tell, Kardashian and Gamble remain at arm’s length with each other to keep the peace.

While the reality star respects her mom’s boyfriend and still considers him part of the family, we can assume that her relationship with Gamble isn’t in the same place it once was.