This Is How Taylor Swift Deals With Constant Criticism

It seems like in the age of the internet, everyone’s a critic. Celebrities especially are facing more criticism from more sources than ever before. Online rumors and attacks from trolls have become pervasive in today’s society. It can’t be an easy thing to deal with. Even the most loved celebrities get more than their fair share of hate. 

Taylor Swift doesn’t seem like she should have many enemies. Her music is popular, and she’s incredibly philanthropic. But even she can’t escape criticism. Instead of hiding from it, Swift has found a way to handle it. She recently opened up about critics, and how she deals with them, in an interview with Rolling Stone

Taylor Swift writes, writes, and writes some more

Taylor Swift attends the "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Swift gets all her feelings out with her words. It’s befitting of a singer/songwriter, but Swift doesn’t just write songs when she’s upset. When criticism gets her down, she’ll write anything. A lot of times the poems and other musings she writes are for her eyes only. When she’s in a “shame spiral” she just needs to get the feelings out there. She knows her poems won’t be published, and doesn’t want them to be. Sometimes, her writing is just a vehicle to express her feelings. 

Swift has a lot of feelings about criticism. She’s been in the public eye for most of her young adult life, and all the criticism was hard in the beginning. At some point, she realized that she’d be criticized no matter what. Early in her career, she tried making changes to herself to please people, but it seems like she’s over that. 

Now, if criticism is constructive, she’ll hear it. But she says “baseless criticism is stuff I’ve got to toss out now.”

Taylor Swift may be hinting at something

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This superstar may have let something slip during her Rolling Stone interview. The star was talking about the personal nature of her songs, and if that would ever change. In response, she said she might be more protective of her private life “when” she has a family. She quickly corrected herself and said: “If have a family. [Pauses] I don’t know why I said that!”

Is it possible Swift is contemplating having children sometime in the future? If so we may hear a change in her work. She thinks that her songs won’t be about heartbreak once she has a family of her own. She also thinks that a few little Swifts would be a good reason to be more protective of her personal life. 

Despite criticism, Taylor Swift is not shying away from the spotlight

Even though the constant criticism does get the star down from time to time, Swift is not out. For her next venture, she’s joining the cast of The Voice where she’ll be the new “Mega Mentor.” That means she may not appear on the show as often as the regular coaches, like country singer Blake Shelton and John Legend. However, she’ll still have a ton of influence over the candidates in the knockout rounds. 

Fans are excited to see Swift on-screen for The Voice. She also had a new album out this year, and fans are pleased that they’re getting so much Swift all at once.