This Is Meghan Markle’s Favorite Instagram Account

Before meeting and marrying Prince Harry, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex was pretty active on social media. She even had her own lifestyle blog, The Tig, in which she shared her favorite recipes as well as interesting tidbits about her own life and adventures.

Upon joining the royal family, however, Meghan was required to give up all of her personal social media accounts. She and Prince Harry do have a joint Instagram account that is used for royal purposes.

Fans just love checking in periodically to see what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are up to, and their account has proven to be a fan favorite. Years ago, we were never really able to connect with the royal family members on such an intimate level, and it is wonderful that modern times have allowed us to get a deeper insight into their lives.

Just like anyone, Meghan has her list of favorites, even when it comes to social media. So, what is her favorite Instagram account right now? Let’s take a look.

The royals do social media in their own way

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Nowadays, social media is a priority for just about everyone. Millions of people are checking their accounts at regular intervals throughout the day to find out what their friends, family members, and even their favorite celebrities are up to.

However, there is one pretty famous group of people who approach social media in their own way. The royals do have an Instagram presence, however, not like everyone else does.

You won’t find Meghan and Prince Harry posting personal pictures or addressing fans directly. According to Romper, it is basically because they value their privacy. While there are official Kensington Palace Instagram accounts that give us a glimpse at all things royal, you won’t find any personal social media for Meghan, Prince Harry, or even Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on Instagram

It wasn’t too long ago that the announcement was made regarding an Instagram account for Meghan and Prince Harry. They racked up an impressive amount of followers in a short period of time, and fans were ecstatic about the fact that the royal couple was finally on social media.

According to BBC News, their account, called SussexRoyal, is used to highlight their work and duties, and for official royal announcements. Unlike some Hollywood celebrities, we won’t see anything personal, such as Meghan and Prince Harry enjoying dinner at their favorite restaurant, or photographs of them having a quiet family night with Baby Archie.

What is one of the things that make SussexRoyal so unique? According to People, the duke and duchess focus on a different cause each month, only following one account. They do this to bring awareness and attention to different causes, and it looks as if their 10 million followers are really enjoying the way that they do things.

This is Meghan Markle’s favorite Instagram account

The Duchess of Sussex may not be too vocal about a lot of things these days, but one bit of information that she is sharing with fans is her favorite Instagram account. So, what is it?

According to Daily Mail, Meghan’s favorite is the ‘Good News Movement’ Instagram page, which is run by journalist Michelle Figueroa. She revealed that she didn’t know that Meghan and Prince Harry were going to follow her, and was pleasantly surprised, just as anyone would be.

Meghan and Prince Harry have said that they want to stress to their followers that there are many good things happening in the world and that they support the causes. The ‘Good News Movement’ Instagram page has just under 300,000 followers at the time of publication. It focuses on kindness and other extremely positive things. We are excited to see what this month has in store for Meghan and Prince Harry on Instagram.