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Shep Rose | Shep Rose Instagram

It’s no secret that Shep Rose from Southern Charm has a bit of family money that keeps him from a nine to five desk job. Rose is often seen partying late and sleeping even later on the show–thanks in good part to his family’s fortune.

He’s worth about $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And while Rose has a number of business ventures on tap, he makes no bones about the fact he grew up quite privileged. So when the holidays roll around, how does Rose spend his cash? He likely spends on his friends and loved ones, but his family also started a tradition years ago. Which hopefully keeps Rose humble.

He posted about his family tradition on Twitter

Rose took to Twitter to post about a sweet family tradition. “Years and years ago my family set up a charitable trust. So every year everyone gets to pick a handful of organizations to give to. I think it’s really rad. About to send out a handful of donations now.”

The post is followed by over 2,000 likes and a slew of comments. “This is our New Years Day tradition! We sit as a family and pick 3 charities. Start the year with giving,” person responded. Another person was thankful to read this post. “Coming from someone who may have benefited from some of those organizations…thank you…”

He had plenty of suggestions

A number of Twitter followers took the opportunity to suggest their favorite organization. “Hey Shep, Please consider the Wildlife rescues in state,” one follower suggested. “Look what they are taking care of at Myrtle Beach  Poor little guy was found with a shark bite this morning. I know of one rescue that really does amazing work with all types of critters. Merry Christmas!”

Another person asked, “May I suggest @TheHPAlliance for next year’s donations? We’re trying to fight the good fight with fan activism.” One follower got a glimpse of one of Rose’s donation letters. “The front one says it’s to the Chas Animal Society. That’s a great pick Shep!! Happiest of Holidays to you and your family!”

He is donating to these causes

Rose hinted on Twitter which organizations have his heart too. One Twitter follower suggested, “St Jude’s Children’s Hospital please!” To which Rose responded, “For sure! Way ahead of you. Child cancer makes me angry. So that’s a perfect check to write.”

Childhood cancer directly touched Rose’s life. His best friend, Andrew Carmines’ brother died of cancer at a young age. The Carmines family started a foundation and last year, Rose was a huge part of promoting it. “I’m all about promoting for friends and Andrew knows me better than anyone knows me, so of course I’m going to support him in anyway I can,” he told The State. “I have a platform and all these followers and it is amazing. It’s no skin off my back to help promote something for a friend. I’m super happy to take a picture with someone. I’m happy to do that always.”

He is also planning to give to the Pat Tillman Foundation. The foundation invests in military veterans and their families. “The book about him “where men win glory” is really amazing, eye opening and ultimately heartbreaking. I’ll definitely put his charity on my radar. Thanks,” Rose responded to a suggestion to donate.

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