‘This Is Us’: 3 Very Possible Fan Theories as to Why Kevin and Randall Are Not on Speaking Terms—Producers Confirm 1 of Them

The season 4 fall finale of This Is Us left us with so many questions. The one at the forefront of everyone’s minds is regarding Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) relationship. The two brothers have always had a rocky relationship, but they were doing so well this season, we almost forgot.

Fans are speculating various ideas as to why the brothers are fighting. One of the ideas is more plausible than the others, according to showrunner, Dan Fogelman. Let’s take a look at all three, now.

Justin Hartley and Sterling K Brown
Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Does Randall and Kevin’s fight have to do with Randall’s daughter, Tess?

In the episode on November 19, 2019, Tess (Eris Baker) is having an internal conflict regarding coming out to her friends from school that she is gay. Kevin helps her through the struggle, and she eventually tells her friends via an Instagram post.

A few fans theorize that something happens after she tells her friends, and Randall blames Kevin for her heartache. 

“Maybe he’s upset because of Kevin and Tess’s bond,” wrote one fan on Reddit, “and with him helping her come out to people.”

In the fall finale, Randall seems happy to hear that Tess’s friends took the news well. So, it doesn’t seem too likely that this is what the falling out is over. 

Two theories surrounding the fight involve Rebecca’s deteriorating condition

Other fans surmise that the fight between Randall and Kevin stems from their mother, Rebecca, and her declining health. Some fans believe that Kevin is upset because Randall did not tell him sooner about her memory loss. Other viewers think it could be because Randall tries to force Rebecca to take a more aggressive treatment once she receives her diagnosis. 

“I assume it’s because he keeps Rebecca’s memory issues and doctors visits a secret from the twins?” Wrote one user on Instagram.

“And we’ll see that argument later in a flashback montage,” added another fan.

“I bet they’re pissed at Randall because he knew she had dementia and didn’t tell them,” wrote another viewer on Reddit

“Or, it could be that Rebecca is not speaking to Randall,” theorized a different fan, “if, after she is diagnosed, he pushes for a more aggressive approach than she is willing to take.”

“That could be possible, too,” responded one viewer. “I could just see Kevin being ticked finding out several months later and feeling betrayed by Randall since she’s the mom of all three of them, while Randall does seem to like to claim dibs.”

“But I still feel like that’s so out of Randall’s character,” added another fan. “I feel like an argument you have when a parent is in that condition is really small compared to what’s happening. I can’t imagine a scenario where Randall did something so awful that they’d ban him from seeing Rebecca.”

Fans are torn over why Randall and Kevin are not on speaking terms, nine months in the future. They seem to agree, however, that it has something to do with Rebecca’s health and what happens to her in the coming months. 

Producer, Dan Fogelman confirms one fan theory

While theories are running rampant regarding the falling out between Randall and Kevin, showrunner, Fogelman, at least narrowed it down for fans. 

“One of them was the do-gooder who could do no wrong, and the other was kind of the charmer and someone to worry about a little bit,” Fogelman told People regarding Randall and Kevin. “When suddenly something is going on with the lone remaining parent with whom they both have issues — and one of them has kept a secret, and there are other things coming into play — it would probably be not inconceivable that it could a cause of they’re not speaking a year from now.”

Although there might be other factors at work here, it seems like the many reason the brothers are not speaking is because of Randall keeping Rebecca’s health issues a secret. We will find out more when This Is Us returns to NBC on January 14, 2020.