‘This Is Us’: All the Actors That Portray Tess, Annie, and Déjà Pearson on the NBC Drama

This Is Us will conclude this year after the finale of season 6. Fans are excited to see how the show will end. Due to the Winter Olympics, the network will not air the sixth episode until the end of February 2022. The show is about the life of the Pearson family across the years — and generations — as viewers follow the characters at different points in their lives. As a result, the show casts multiple actors to portray Annie, Tess, and Déjà Pearson. Here’s a rundown of the talent behind the beloved characters.

Here are the actors who have portrayed Annie Pearson

Randall, Beth, Annie, Deja, and Tess Pearson from 'This Is Us.'
Randall, Beth, Annie, Deja, and Tess Pearson from ‘This Is Us.’ | Ron Batzdorff/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Annie is Randall and Beth’s youngest daughter and the youngest sister of Tess and Déjà. She is interested in soccer like her sister Tess, but she tends to braid her teammate’s hair at games. Annie also helps convince William to stay. 

In the beginning, Annie was a recurring character during the first season. However, she became a part of the main ensemble after season 2. The show has flash-forward scenes of the characters in the future. Many fans have noticed that Annie was not present for the future sequences in earlier seasons. Some people were worried about Annie’s fate, but the creator alleviated those concerns.

Annie is a little girl when the show introduces her. According to Insider, Faithe Herman has portrayed Annie Pearson from the age of 6. Herman has been on the show since the beginning. However, Iyana Halley portrays a grown-up version of Annie. The final season is still airing, and fans hope to see more of the actors’ performances of the character. 

What actors have played Tess Pearson on ‘This Is Us’?

Tess is the older daughter of Randall and Beth, and she first appears in season 1 of This Is Us. Like Annie, she started as a recurring character but became a regular after season 2. She got her name when her father was looking for a ceiling fan when his wife went into labor. 

Tess enjoys playing soccer, and she enters a chess tournament. When Tess becomes a teenager, she has a better idea of her identity. The character is willing to speak her mind and even records her grievances about a teacher and posts it online. The video ends up getting Tess in trouble. 

The show allows the viewers to see the characters grow older over the seasons. Actor Eris Baker has played Tess from 8 years old to her teens. However, the producers cast someone else to depict an older version of the young girl. 

Iantha Richardson plays Tess when she is an adult. She appears in seasons 2, 3, and 4. Fans hope to see what else the show has in store for Tess in the final season. 

Three actors have played Déjà Pearson at different ages

Déjà is Randall and Beth’s adopted daughter, and her birth mother is Shauna Andrews. She became a regular character in season 3. Before living with the Pearsons, Déjà went in and out of the foster care system. She also learned how to cook, do taxes, and do laundry at an early age. 

After the adoption, Déjà soon shows how intelligent she is. She leaves the family to live with her mother but later returns. In season 5, Déjà appears as a pregnant medical intern in a future scene. Some viewers hope that the flash-forward means she and Malik are an endgame couple. 

When Déjà Pearson is a teenager, Lyric Ross is in front of the camera. La Trice Harper portrays the adult version of the character. The show also has flashback scenes of Déjà as a little girl. Mackenzie Lee-Foster stars as the young Déjà.

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