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This Is Us – the NBC drama about a family in the present, past, and future – has numerous actors portraying the same character. No matter if it’s the matriarch of the family, Rebecca Pearson, the patriarch, Jack Pearson, or any of the children, there are multiple actors playing the same person, just in a different timeline. You’ll see Mandy Moore in young adulthood, as a new mother, and as an aging grandparent. Ava Castro takes her place as a young girl, and Kya Kruse follows suit in later seasons.

Mandy Moore smiling
Mandy Moore | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The casting department does an excellent job choosing both the young and older versions of each character. Their overall look, along with the mannerisms they portray, help the audience see precisely who the character is – no matter which stage of life we’re viewing. They could truly be related.

Mandy Moore makes a great TV mother and grandmother

Rebecca Pearson is a loving mother who does her best for her children. Moore gets to play this character from her 20s until her elderly years. She was not a mother herself when the show started, but she has since given birth to her first child, a son named Gus.

The makeup department goes to work creating an old-age look that Moore pulls off well. Her short, gray hair and glasses help sell the look, but it’s Moore’s acting chops that really sell the aging character. She is just as present, loving, and wise as a grandmother as she is a mother.

Despite her deteriorating memory, she still does her best to be there for her three children and seven grandchildren. The family couldn’t have thrived as much as they have without her.

Insider describes all of the additional young actors portraying the same characters. Castro and Kruse both look the part with their long, brunette hair and brilliantly brown eyes. 

Ava Castro shines as a young Rebecca

Appearing as young Rebecca in just four episodes, Castro hasn’t made a large name for herself in acting as of yet. She’s only appeared in a few shorts aside from her small stint on This Is Us

The young starlet has some singing chops as well. She appears on the soundtrack for the short, KidFactor. We should expect to see more of her in either capacity.

Kya Kruse plays younger Rebecca in recent seasons

Castro wasn’t the only one to portray a young Rebecca. She did so in the first few seasons, but that duty fell on Kruse’s shoulders afterward. In recent seasons, any flashbacks to Rebecca’s childhood featured Kruse, the young brunette with a penchant for wearing headbands and fashionable vests. 

Kruse started off as a 9-year-old Rebecca in 2018. Though the young star could be close in age, not many details about her life are available publicly. Despite her being in the films Life Itself and Blue Tiles prior to This Is Us, she has only amassed 700 followers on her TikTok. We’ll have to wait and see what her next project might be.

‘This Is Us’ season 6 is the final season


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This final season upon us is sure to bring tears, laughter, worry, and feelings of melancholy as it ends. Enjoy all the moments and tune in each Tuesday on NBC when new episodes air. This Is Us won’t be complete until all 18 episodes have graced our screens. There are still plenty more to go between now and when the season finale arrives in the late spring or early summer. Keep watching to see how Rebecca and her family’s story ends.