‘This Is Us’: All of the Actors Who Portrayed Kevin Pearson on the NBC Drama From Justin Hartley to Logan Shoyer

Part of why This Is Us was so popular was its storytelling and accurate casting choices. The drama series takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as it jumps back and forth between different timelines. Throughout the six seasons, several actors have played the main characters. Here are the actors who portrayed Kevin Pearson on This Is Us, from Justin Hartley to Logan Shoyer.

The premise of NBC’s ‘This Is Us’

The show debuted in 2016 and captured audiences throughout its entirety. This Is Us used the time-jumping format to tell its story and give viewers an in-depth look at what shapes the characters’ lives and informs their decisions.

The story is neatly tied together with the birth and subsequent growth of three children born on the same day. Two of the triplets, Kevin and Kate, were born to Rebecca and Jack, while the third child, Randall, was abandoned at the same hospital the others were born in. Although Jack and Rebecca had triplets, the third child unfortunately never made it.

They, therefore, filled the void with Randall, raising the children together. The then-young new parents had their fair share of marital disputes while trying to wrap their heads around raising three children. However, Jack died in a fire. His untimely death resulted from cardiac arrest due to inhalation of a lot of smoke.

Jack’s death was a significant blow to fans as many hoped he and Rebecca would mend things and focus on raising their children. However, his passing killed any hope of the two ever working things out.

A little background on Kevin Pearson

The actors who portray Kevin Pearson -- Logan Shroyer, Justin Hartley, and Parker Bates -- on 'This Is Us' smile for a picture together
(L-R) ‘This Is Us’ actors Logan Shroyer, Justin Hartley, and Parker Bates | Chris Haston/NBC/ NBCU Photo Bank

Kevin Pearson is Jack and Rebecca’s son, fondly referred to as “No. 1” as he is the eldest of the three siblings. Growing up, Kevin fought for his parents’ attention. He always felt they neglected him for his sister, Kate, due to her weight.

He also felt his parents focused more on Randall since he was adopted. Kevin was the ex-fiancé of Madison Simons, with whom he shares two children, Nick and Franny.

All the actors who’ve played Kevin Pearson on the show

Katz Womack

Katz Womack appeared in This Is Us in seasons 4, 5, and 6. He played a young Kevin aged three years to five years.

Parker Bates

Parker Bates stole casting director Tiffany Little Canfield’s heart when he auditioned for the role. When the show was seeking younger versions of the character, they experienced difficulty. Since they couldn’t make Hartley smaller, they decided to go with someone who could capture “the essence of the character.”

Of all those who auditioned, Bates looked more like Hartley, and he nailed his scenes effortlessly. The Magic Max star played Kevin from eight years old to his preteen.

Logan Shoyer

Although it’s difficult to imagine a different teenage Kevin, viewers almost saw someone else play the endearing teen. Logan Shoyer narrowly missed his chance to play the teenage Kevin due to a doctor’s appointment.

Talking to People, Shoyer explained, “It was Halloween night, if not the day after, that I got the call about the audition and I almost didn’t go. It was super last minute. I had a dentist appointment that I ended up canceling because I was like, ‘I have to do this.'” Shoyer played 14 years old to 18 years old Kevin.

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley played the main character from the pilot episode until the end. He also portrayed the older version of Kevin on the NBC drama. Hartley is a well-recognized actor who’s had various roles aside from his portrayal of Kevin on This Is Us. He most notably played Green Arrow/Oliver Queen on Smallville

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