‘This Is Us’ Fan Theory: Kevin and Randall’s ‘Fallout’ Starts With a Mental Health Crisis

One of the big debates in This Is Us this season is what causes Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) to stop talking to one another after a recent flash-forward. While the two have always had their share of disagreements, they’re still brothers. The two usually end up finding ways to stay emotionally connected.

Since This Is Us is all about giving us answers to the journey of already revealed outcomes, audiences will probably find out soon how the Kevin/Randall riff started. Basic consensus has said it’s a possible argument over Randall not telling Kevin about mom Rebecca’s cognitive decline.

No doubt that’s a ruse, even though Kevin was clearly upset in the most recent episode after Randall and Kate tell their brother at their cabin retreat. Now a new theory has their argument occurring over Randall’s own mental health issues.

Kevin definitely feels left out of the fray about Rebecca’s health problems

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Some evidence might still exist Kevin’s feeling left out of news about Rebecca is the reason for him no longer speaking to Randall. Then again, this would apply to Kate as well since she kept it quiet herself.

There seems to be something more targeted toward Randall in this family tiff. Since everyone watching is now privy to Randall suffering from anxiety, might the situation relate to that?

Let’s give kudos to This Is Us for taking on anxiety in a family show, a common struggle many go through, rarely portrayed well and realistically on television. Randall’s wanting to cover it up and not admit to everyone he has a problem is a common response for many struggling with anxiety. Only at one point on the phone with Kevin did he admit he might need some help.

Kevin appears to realize Randall is suffering from something. What this means is possible therapy for Randall and maybe cutting off contact with the rest of the family. At least this is based on a new theory from fans on social media.

What kind of therapy might Randall have?

Is it possible Randall will go into some kind of retreat to get serious treatment for his anxiety? There’s a growing fan consensus that Randall’s anxiety may be coming from the pressure he feels in keeping his family together.

After all, Randall did say recently without him, the family would likely be torn apart. It’s possible he may leave for a therapy retreat where he learns to let go of his family so they can work out things on their own.

Considering Kevin says in the flash-forward he has no personal hatred of Randall (and also said “we aren’t talking to Randall”) this might be a typical twist in the This Is Us vein. If Randall’s in therapy, it may mean he’s not allowed to talk to his family for his own good.

Maybe this isn’t what’s happened, but nobody should assume anything is cut and dry on this show. As a series giving exposed outcomes, the journey getting there has plenty of twists and turns along the way.

The show may persuade others to seek anxiety therapy after years of stigma

One could say This Is Us is bringing a major public service to numerous family issues, including mental illness. Outside of anxiety finally being talked about in the mainstream recently, TV shows haven’t always properly addressed it.

Examining Randall’s anxiety takes things to a new level, including the process of how to seek help. His form of therapy might have to take him away from his family. However, he’ll likely learn some valuable lessons about communicating with family.

All of this makes sense why Kevin and Randall stop talking–unless Kevin is mad at Randall for not telling him sooner about his mental health struggles. Kevin’s already feeling left out about Rebecca. He may feel though that he’s the last to know about everything, especially if Randall never confided in having anxiety with his own brother.