‘This Is Us’: Fans Are Convinced 1 of Randall’s Daughters Is Going to Stir Up Trouble

TV show This is Us has been keeping viewers glued to their screens since it first aired in 2016. The show’s biggest hook is its flash-forward-and-backward chronology, giving us a peek at the Pearson family of the past, present, and future.

Staying true to human nature, fans get particularly excited about the sneak peeks writers give us into the future, as everything hints to what is happening now for the family.

While we see a lot of our favorite family members in these future sequences, there are a few that we haven’t seen yet in the future, including Annie Pearson, Randall’s youngest daughter. Fans are starting to speculate why that may be.

What do we know about the future?

Sterling K. Brown
Sterling K. Brown | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

While rarer than flashbacks and present-day timelines, the show’s future storylines have been able to shed some light on what may happen in the present-day episodes.

On the brighter side of things, we know that Toby and Kate’s son, Jack, grows up to be a successful musician despite being born blind and his wife is expecting a baby. We also know that Kevin has a son and his age implies that he will most likely be born relatively soon in the present-day timeline.

On the less-than-bright side of things, Rebecca is in what appears to be the final stages of her life. We know she was diagnosed with dementia and we see members of the family gather at her side in the future, seemingly to say their goodbyes.

We haven’t seen Kevin or Kate in the future, but both have been referenced. We also haven’t seen Miguel, Deja, or Annie.

Annie Pearson’s absences in the future is notable

Annie, played by 10-year-old Faithe C. Herman, is the youngest of Randall and Beth’s daughters. Annie missing from the future scenes so far is notable simply because she hasn’t had much going on yet. She’s very young, so she hasn’t had a chance to become her own character and has frequently been skimmed over as the youngest Pearson (besides baby Jack!). 

Fans took to Reddit recently to summarize what we know about the future on the show, since it can be difficult to remember exactly where we are and what’s going on with all of the crossing timelines.

Many jumped in on the discussion to wonder what Annie’s absences in the future scenes could imply. Since she’s had no drama within the family so far, what could be making her stay away from her grandmother’s deathbed?

Fans think Annie Pearson is going to stir up some drama

Fans noted that Randall and Beth have called Annie “the easy one” of their three girls and many agreed that that sort of dialogue could be foreshadowing to a time where Annie isn’t so “easy.”

Many also think Annie’s future storyline could reflect Kevin’s, since Rebecca and Jack called Kevin “the easy one” too; Kevin’s story has since gotten much messier than his parents would have predicted when he was Annie’s age.

While many fans agree that it would be unlikely for the show writers to kill off little Annie in the future, something is clearly keeping her away from the rest of the family when they gather at Rebecca’s bedside.

Annie would be around 20 years old then and while she’s a wild card now, fans speculate that she will most likely be given a more prominent storyline as she gets older.

The most common assumption is that she will get into some trouble right around the time the rest of the family is getting together for Rebecca and that would explain why Annie is missing.

As with all things This is Us, time will tell.