‘This Is Us’: Fans Disturbing Theories About What Happens Next With Kate and Marc Will Break You

In this week’s episode of This Is Us, fans thought they were getting the conclusion to teenage Kate’s (Hannah Zeile) troubles with Marc (Austin Abrams). What happened between the two teenagers? It turns out viewers were left with as many questions as they had going into the show. Let’s take a look at what happened and three possible theories for what might happen next with Marc.

Hannah Zeile
Hannah Zeile | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

[Warning: This Is Us Season 4 spoilers ahead]

An emotionally and verbally abusive Marc leaves Kate out in the cold twice on ‘This Is Us’

Throughout the episode, many viewer predictions came to fruition. Kate thought she finally found her first love, but Marc turns out to be toxic. The ex-record store employee spent their time together food-shaming Kate, yelling at her, and manipulating her. 

When the young couple ventured up to the family’s cabin against her mother’s wishes, things came to a head. Marc began driving recklessly and ended up throwing Kate out of the car in the dark, cold night. The young girl calls her mother in distress, and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) rallies the troops — Randall and Kevin — to her rescue.

At the very end of the episode, Marc comes back with a blanket for Kate. She quickly forgives him and walks back to the cabin with the neurotic teen. Viewers are left wondering what might happen next week when we see Kate again left in the cold — this time locked out of the cabin by Marc.

Kate is in deep with Marc with no hope of getting out anytime soon

“I see Mark letting her in and apologizing like he did when he left her on the side of the road before Rebecca and the boys arrive, one Reddit user wrote. “When they get there, they see Marc and Kate, who act like nothing is wrong. She’s in so deep; I don’t see her getting out of this relationship so easily.”

The situation may resolve itself by the time Rebecca arrives. Then the teenagers will act like nothing is wrong. 

“Ohhh, that’s a good point,” another Redditor added. “And she freaks out on Rebecca for driving her and the boys all the way out there. Not trusting her and blah blah.”

Many other viewers agree with this theory. She’s in too deep and likely will stay.

“I think she will stay,” yet another fan agrees. “I think the relationship will escalate based on how future Kate and Rebecca react to the photo of Mark. A common theme in abusive relationships is the abused party blaming themselves or thinking the other person will change.”

Some fans believe something more tragic will happen to Marc on ‘This Is Us’ next week

“I think he will leave with the car and have an accident,” one Redditor hypothesized about Marc. 

With the way that Kate acts towards the picture of Marc in the future, it seems like she doesn’t hate him. Did she keep the picture because something tragic happened to him?

“I’m thinking that Kate’s brothers teach Mark what a beating is all about in the next episode,” another fan offers an alternate theory. 

Or do Kevin and Randall defend their sister so much that they hurt Marc? Any of these three theories are possible. We will have to wait and see when This Is Us returns next week on NBC.

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