‘This Is Us’ Fans Freaking Out Over Mandy Moore’s ‘Red Band Society’ Reunion

Before Mandy Moore donned layers of aging makeup for an older version of Rebecca Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us, she starred on Fox’s Red Band Society. In the most recent episode of the hit NBC drama series, Moore had a reunion with her former Red Band Society co-star, Dave Annable, and fans are all over it.

[Spoilers: This Is Us Season 4, Episode 16]

‘This Is Us’ introduced Kevin’s drama teacher

Dave Annable and Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore and Dave Annable | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The latest episode of This Is Us dove a little deeper into Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) fears of Rebecca’s deteriorating health, and his jealousy over Kevin (Justin Hartley) stepping in to help her, too.

“New York, New York,” gave a glimpse into the beginning stressors between Kevin and Randall as teens, and then again as adults. Their differences of opinion will, no doubt, drive the future wedge between them, leading to the inevitable fallout.

During Kevin’s movie premiere, Randall couldn’t help but “overstep” at exactly the wrong moment to tell Rebecca about a 9-month clinical trial study out-of-state — something Kevin isn’t on board with.

Meanwhile flashbacks of teen “Big Three” revealed Kevin’s first big production in New York City. The episode introduced his drama teacher, Kirby (Annable), whom Kevin tried to set up with Rebecca.

Rebecca couldn’t let herself fall for Kirby. Flashes of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), memories of her complete family in the city, and her own fears of letting go of all they built before Jack died were omnipresent in the smallest of moments.

Intermittent scenes connected the Pearsons traveling to The Big Apple with Jack, who did as he always does by trying to be the best father and husband possible.

The episode concluded with Randall’s revelation that he still can’t forgive himself for Jack’s death, leading into, what we’re told, is the precipice for a “brace yourself” episode next week. If anyone can promise and deliver, it’s creator, Dan Fogelman, and his crew.

Moore and Annable starred in ‘Red Band Society’

From Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, Fox aired the medical drama, Red Bad Society. The 2015 show, which starred Moore and Annable, followed a group of six teens in the pediatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital.

Annable played Dr. Jack McAndrew while multiple award-winner, Octavia Spencer played Nurse Jackson. Rebecca Rittenhouse played Nurse Dobler, but it was Moore’s Dr. Erin Grace and her complicated relationship with Dr. McAndrew fans couldn’t get enough of.

The well-reviewed pilot got Red Band Society off and running, but ratings weren’t enough to save it. After one season with 13 episodes, the show was canceled. Despite its controversial and provocative content, even executive-produced by Steven Spielberg couldn’t ave the series.

Fans, however, loved Moore and Annable together.

“Dave Annable on #ThisIsUs joining the all time forces of sob inducing television shows what’s next we’re gonna have one of the BRAVERMANS just show up and destroy me,” one fan said.

“It’s so good to see Dave Annable on #thisisus, and also I really really really still miss Brothers and Sisters,” this viewer added.

“Oh I would watch @DaveAnnable10 in anything. If Dave Annable was watching paint dry, i would watch that. #ThisIsUs is a win/win though,” another fan said.

Moore and Annable had their reunion, but there’s another reunion Annable fans would love to see next.

Annable teased a ‘Brothers and Sisters’ reunion

10 years after Brothers and Sisters ended, fans still want more. The ABC drama ended abruptly but Annable recently took to Instagram to make up for it.

In a video showing a reunion with co-star, Rachel Griffiths, Annable teased a satisfying finale.

“Turns out the Walkers have graduated from wine to tequila. Last night was filled with so much love getting to spend time with my big sister @rachelgriffithsofficial,” he captioned the video.

“Deep talks about giving the fans a special ending for the show that they/we never got. What do you think?”

Griffiths posted a similar video. Though an actual reunion or reboot hasn’t been confirmed, fans can linger in Annable’s social media posts a while longer. If that’s not enough, rewatch his cameo on This Is Us and remember a time he and Moore took Red Band Society by storm. So much Annable, so little time.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.