‘This Is Us’: Fans Know Kate is Alive in the Future Because of Her Grandchild’s Name

The This Is Us season finale was a lot to unpack on Tuesday night. There were so many new faces, flash-forwards, and flashbacks; it was hard to keep track of everything. However, fans did not miss the fact that Kate (Chrissy Metz) was again missing from the clips in the future. While many people theorize that Kate is not alive in the distant future, other fans are now sure she is for this one reason. 

[Spoiler alert: This Is Us Season 4 Finale spoilers ahead.]

Chrissy Metz
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‘This Is Us’: What happened with Kate, Toby, and Baby Jack in the season finale?

The episode opens with preparations for baby Jack’s first birthday. Toby (Chris Sullivan) mentions several times that he is taking Kate and Jack somewhere special later in the day. The party is adorable, as always, with the entire family together. 

Later, the special thing that Toby, Kate, and Jack do together is visit the NICU where baby Jack spent so much time after he was born. While at the hospital, Toby tells Kate he wants Jack to have a sibling. She’s unsure at first, but by the time they leave the parking lot, she is on board with the idea. 

They begin looking at photos of children to adopt. Then in a flash-forward, we see the younger sibling is a sister. The grown sister rushes to the hospital to see her brother, Jack (Blake Stadnik), and Lucy’s (Auden Thornton) new baby girl. They name the baby, “Hope.”

Fans know Kate is alive in the flash-forward on the ‘This Is Us’ season finale

Several fans point out that the name of Jack and Lucy’s baby is significant for several reasons. 

“The baby being named ‘Hope’ makes me believe Kate is still kicking it,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “If she passed that baby would 100% be named Kate.”

Viewers think that if Kate died before the birth of her first grandchild, that baby would be named ‘Kate.’ It does make sense since her son, Jack, is named after her father, who died. So, they are positive Kate is alive in the distant future.

Why weren’t Kate and Toby at the hospital for the birth of their first grandchild?

“I also found it strange that Jack (baby) didn’t call Toby or Kate when they were having the baby,” added another fan. “But the sister showed up, and he reached out to her.”

However, others disagree and say that maybe the producers did not show Kate and Toby at the hospital for another reason. 

“I think Kate is dead,” another Redditor said. “But who is to say they haven’t already arrived at the hospital? They might not be in the room.”

Fans agree that the writers might want to keep the viewers in suspense about where Kate and Toby are.

“We don’t know that he didn’t [call his parents], we didn’t see him calling anyone, but the sister got the message,” added another fan.

Since we know that Toby is alive in the distant future due to seeing him in flash-forwards, we can surmise that the writers chose not to show him yet. They often leave people out of clips to keep viewers guessing, but fans are sure Kate and Toby will show up at the hospital when This Is Us returns for season 5 in September 2020.

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