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There’s something about This Is Us. From the moment the show premiered in 2016, fans have felt like they were a part of the Pearson family. Fans loyally tune in week after to week to find more about the past, the present, and more recently, the future. 

Fans have their reasons for choosing a favorite Pearson. Randall’s a great dad and great husband who everyone wishes they were (or were married to). Kevin is kind, charismatic, and in need of someone to keep him on the right track. And who doesn’t love Jack? 

But recently, a new character has emerged as a fan favorite, and it’s probably not who you’re expecting. 

The Pearson world is ever-expanding

The cast of This Is Us at the Golden Globes
The cast of This Is Us | MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

While fans would love to watch all big three all the time, the cast of This Is Us is quickly expanding. Over the past several seasons, fans have welcomed several new characters. First, there was Sophie, Kevin’s past love, whom fans always hoped Kevin would find his way back to.

Then there was Uncle Nicky and Zoe, Jack’s brother and Kevin’s girlfriend, respectively. 

But season 4 has brought a brand new bunch of new characters. This season, fans were introduced to Malik, the charming teen dad and new love interest to Deja. Malik also brought along his loving father and strong-willed mother.

Season 4 also welcomed Marine Corps veteran Cassidy Sharp. But there’s one character that everyone’s been talking about — Gregory. 

Who is Gregory?

Gregory first made his mark on This Is Us during season 4 episode 3, “Unhinged.” The episode largely revolves around the tension between Toby and Kate. Joining in on the fun was Gregory, who angrily asked Kate to stop having her husband park in the sidewalk.

Kate was initially angry about the encounter and couldn’t understand the bitterness coming from her new neighbor. 

But fans (and Kate) quickly found out that Gregory had suffered from a stroke. Walking down the street was part of his recovery and the car blocking the sidewalk was a major obstacle. Kate and Gregory quickly became friends, leaning on each other in times of need. 

Kate and Gregory have been able to relate to one another. She has been there to help him he has been an important person in Kate’s life as she struggles to adapt to having a blind son and her marital issues with Toby.

Gregory was recently a part of a major milestone in baby Jack’s life as he tasted his first solid food, a fresh avocado, delivered by none other than Gregory.

What does the future hold for Gregory?

Gregory initially looked as though he might be a minor character on the show, but he is quickly gaining more and more air time. Fans are loving this, chiming in on Reddit saying they’d love to see more of “Kate’s neighbor,” and less Toby and Kate. 

The love for Gregory may have something to do with the current issues going on between Kate and Toby. The couple is struggling to get on the same page and Kate is obviously not okay with Toby’s new diet and workout routine. The two just don’t communicate as they used to and interactions between the couple are just plain uncomfortable. 

Where does Gregory fit into this? So far it’s unclear. The obvious choice would be an affair between Kate and Gregory, but This Is Us has never been one to take the obvious route.

Is there something more than friendship between Kate and Gregory? Is this whole storyline a major red herring? For now, it looks like fans will just have to wait and see.