‘This Is Us’ Fans Pointed Out a Possible Inconsistency With Jack and Miguel’s Friendship

One of the characters on This Is Us that hasn’t been explored nearly enough yet is Miguel, who becomes Rebecca’s new husband after Jack dies. The relationship he had with Jack still has numerous unknowns, mostly in when the two really became friends and what they thought of one another.

Based on some flashback scenes, it’s clear Jack and Miguel were close. What isn’t known is whether he really knew Miguel before meeting Rebecca. Both of them obviously did become close once Jack and Rebecca started a serious relationship.

Now fans have noticed one inconsistency about something Miguel said when toasting Jack and Rebecca at their wedding reception in the late 1970s. A comment he made doesn’t seem to match up with the timeline, something Reddit users think was a writer faux pas.

John Huertas as Miguel, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack on This Is Us
John Huertas as Miguel, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Miguel is a very important member of the family

While some might look at Miguel as having feelings for Rebecca back when Jack was dating and married her, there seems to be indications to the contrary. When he finally did marry Rebecca, it’s been revealed it was a decade after Jack’s passing so there wasn’t any rush.

At the time, Kevin didn’t initially like Miguel as his stepfather. They eventually bonded, though the bonding was much easier with the other kids. Of course, in the present time of This Is Us, Miguel is a more helpful figure in the role of new dad and in husband to Rebecca. What he does in helping Rebecca through her illness still isn’t known.

Because Miguel should be considered an important character, it’s kind of strange the writers haven’t used him more often. However, the flashbacks are already telling a lot about Miguel in recent episodes.

Reddit scoped out one scene from when Miguel toasts Jack and Rebecca, telling a story about Jack that kind of contradicts when viewers thought they knew one another.

When did Miguel really know Jack?

Based on the story Miguel tells during the wedding toast scene, it’s assumed Miguel might have known Jack earlier than the show let on. During the toast, Miguel says Jack never talked about the word “forever” before becoming serious with Rebecca. His comment insinuated Jack and Miguel hung out together prior to meeting Rebecca, even though it’s been assumed they didn’t meet until Jack and Rebecca were already an item.

So what’s going on here? Reddit is a perfect place to explore these strange TV inconsistencies, though it seems like they might have solved the reasoning behind Miguel’s comment.

Many This Is Us fans have surmised this inconsistency was a writer mistake. Such a theory doesn’t really add up when the writing team for the show have been perfect in covering all the family details, including things that are easy to overlook. A few people on Reddit thought the writers just threw this Miguel toast in there to help him look more respectable.

A lot more might have been going on in the scene. Is it possible Miguel fudged his comment about Jack to make latter look better to Rebecca and the crowd?

Let’s never discount the writer intentions

The writing team on This Is Us is far too astute to make mistakes. Any notion they somehow didn’t notice this inconsistency isn’t fair to the writers for plotting out subtle things to the minutest detail.

It’s possible Miguel said what he did to make Jack look like a better man, even if former didn’t have to. After all, Miguel did openly apologize for calling Rebecca “Yoko Ono”, making him look more like the heel than Jack ever was.

Perhaps we’ll learn more backstory on this later in ensuing episodes/seasons. Everyone may also find out Miguel really did have feelings for Rebecca all the time, yet had to keep a lid on it for the sake of Jack. At least it’s known now Miguel thought a lot of Jack and didn’t try to sabotage anything for him.