‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Just Realizing We’re Missing a Huge Moment from Jack and Rebecca’s Love Story

With every season of This Is Us fans learn more about Jack and Rebecca’s love story and Season 5 is certainly no exception. While Jack died more than two decades ago, flashbacks allow him to remain an essential part of the story in the present day. A true family man, fans of the hit drama admire the lengths Jack goes to in order to provide for his wife and three kids.

ManThis Is Us Season 5 cast members Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia embrace as Jack and Rebecca Pearson
Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Though the Pearson family is constantly growing, the love that Jack and Rebecca share is certainly at the core of the family. The pair quickly became “couple goals” during Season 1 of This is Us and they’ve continued to hold on to that title in Season 5. Of course, Jack and Rebecca (played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore) are hardly without their faults, but their commitment to one another and their family through it all is admirable.

Jack and Rebecca’s love story is essential to ‘This Is Us’

Fans have experienced many highs and lows of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship. Fans have witnessed their disastrous first date and their devastation when they lost their son, Kyle Pearson. This Is Us has shown viewers moments where the couple is madly in love and moments where things like Jack’s alcoholism has proven to be a great threat to their marriage. But there’s one milestone that fans have yet to experience.

In the most recent episode of This Is Us, Jack was admitted that he’d been keeping some important things from Rebecca. He confessed to a fellow veteran that he wasn’t forthcoming with what his true role was in the war. Furthermore, he lied and told her that his younger brother, Nicky, died in the war. He wondered if keeping the truth from her was the best thing for their relationship as he was considering marrying her.

The latest episode of Season 5 reminded fans that they haven’t seen Jack propose to Rebecca

Naturally, this conversation reminded fans that we’ve yet to see Jack propose to Rebecca. Episode 11 of Season 5 clearly shows that Jack has the intention of proposing and has even purchased a ring. Now, fans are hoping that this moment is coming soon. “I can’t be the only one who just realized that we haven’t gotten a scene of Jack proposing to Rebecca…we need this to happen, please!” one fan wrote in the comments of the official Instagram page for This Is Us.


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But just because fans of This Is Us haven’t seen the Jack and Rebecca proposal yet doesn’t mean that aren’t speculating on what it could potentially look like. In fact, some fans are even thinking that Kevin still has time to do a more grand proposal that could mirror his mom and dad’s proposal in some way.

Will fans see Jack and Rebecca get engaged in new episodes of ‘This Is Us’?

“I’m thinking Kevin might do a redo of his proposal to Madison/second proposal to Sophie (whichever one he ends up marrying and is his wife in the future timeline) and it may parallel Jack proposing to Rebecca,” one This Is Us fan penned on the show’s Instagram page. Only time will tell if and when we get to see Jack and Rebecca’s engagement story, but we know some fans are hoping it comes at some point during Season 5.