‘This Is Us’ Fans Feel Rebecca’s Last Memory Will Be of Jack and the Big Three: The Reason They Believe Sidewalk Chalk and Pin the Tail on the Donkey Were Brought to Her Deathbed

As This Is Us rolls toward its series finale, fans continue to pull together clues about how the NBC drama will end. In a series of social media posts, fans debated what they believe Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) last memory will be. During the first episode of season 6, the character wondered, “I’m losing my memory. Sometimes I think about what my very last memory will be before the candle goes out.” So do fans who took to Reddit to share their views on the topic.

Mandy Moore on the set of This Is Us.
Mandy Moore on the set of “This Is Us” | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The clues regarding Rebecca’s death began during the last moments of season 3

During the season 3 finale episode titled “Her,” viewers were teased with a lengthy clip of how the show will ultimately end.

The era-hopping family drama left fans with more questions than answers. Rebecca was seen as an older woman, grey hair resting on a pillow as she lay in bed.

The Pearsons gather at Kevin’s house to say a final farewell to their beloved matriarch. Beth (Susan Kalechi Watson) brings a pin the tail on the donkey game. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) walks glumly into Rebecca’s bedroom, where she lay in bed, her brother-in-law Nicky (Griffin Dunne) by her side.

Randall said his name twice to remind his mother who he was while she stared at him with little sign of recognition.

This is how ‘This Is Us’ fans theorize the series will end

Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson on "This Is Us."
Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson on “This Is Us” | NBC/YouTube

Fans debated how the series would end on social media, taking to Reddit and a thread titled “A theory about the last episode” to share their thoughts.

“I definitely think the game will be a significant part of the series finale. Her last memory before she dies should be something encompassing Jack and the Big 3,” wrote one follower.

“That makes sense. Maybe the last scene will be the last memory with a fade-out,” penned a third Reddit user.

“This show is full of surprises. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca dies before the last episode, and the last episodes are of the kids dealing with it, and spliced with memories from Jack and Rebecca of the kids,” noted a fourth fan.

How many episodes of ‘This Is Us’ remain in its final season?

Mandy Moore as young Rebecca on "This Is Us."
Mandy Moore as young Rebecca on “This Is Us” | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Feb. 1 episode of This Is Us is titled “Heart and Soul.” It is the fifth of the series final season.

The sixth and final season of the NBC drama will feature 18 episodes.

It appears that This Is Us will take a two-week break so that NBC can air the Winter Olympic Games, held in Beijing.

The games begin on Feb. 2 and continue through Feb. 20.

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly he is hopeful there will be “no stone left unturned” for fans by the end of the series.

“You would have nothing left to ask me about spoilers. You might want to call me and say, ‘I don’t like what happened to such-and-such. I don’t like who such-and-such wound up with.’ But you won’t be going, ‘Who?’ If we’ve done that, I feel like we’ve done our job, and we’ve made the choices that we thought were best for the characters and the story. But by the end of it, I don’t think there will be any of these timeline mysteries left. Hopefully, it will set us up for a lovely and simple ending to the entire venture.”

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