‘This Is Us’ Final Episode: Dan Fogelman Quotes 1 of Rebecca’s Last Lines

The episode This Is Us fans have been both dreading and waiting for is almost here. The This Is Us finale is all that’s left. Creator Dan Fogelman isn’t going to spoil it, but he shared one of Rebecca (Mandy Moore)’s lines from the This Is Us final episode. 

'This Is Us' finale will feature 1 last Rebecca (Mandy Moore) quote
Mandy Moore | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Fogelman attended a screening of the This Is Us episode “The Train” on May 17 while it aired on NBC. In a Deadline Q&A following the screening, Fogelman previewed the This Is Us finale with a poignant line from Rebecca. This Is Us’s series finale airs May 24 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Rebecca speaks about perspective in the ‘This Is Us’ final episode

The quote came up because Deadline’s Nellie Andrews asked Fogelman how he feels about the This Is Us finale. Fogelman explained why it’s hard to have perspective while he’s finishing the show

“It’s hard to find the perspective on it now,” Fogelman told Deadline. “There’s no perspective when you’re in it. It’s like asking a parent to have perspective on your two-year-old. You can’t have perspective when you’re in it because you’re just f***ing exhausted. You’re tired and the perspective only comes later and you say what Mandy will say in the final episode, ‘I wish I had enjoyed it all more while it was all happening.’”

There’s more to Rebecca’s ‘This Is Us’ final episode quote 

Actually, that’s not the end of the quote, either. Fogelman explained there’s a bit more in the This Is Us finale. 

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“That’s a line in the final episode: I wish I had enjoyed it all more while it was happening instead of worrying when it would end,” Fogelman said. “I think the perspective, and that’s a lot of what the final episode is. The perspective of life, you don’t get the perspective while you’re in it. You get it before. You spend your whole childhood wanting to be older and then you spend your whole of adulthood trying to get back inside your childhood. Nobody has the perspective of going I’m just content where I am right now.”

Dan Fogelman saved footage for 4 years 

Fogelman also revealed he shot much of the This Is Us finale four years ago. He didn’t reveal what the footage he’d archived was, but explained how he worked it into the series finale. 

“We’d shot a lot of it 4 years ago of what airs next week,” Fogelman said. “Then we’ve shot the rest of it in the last week or couple of weeks. I’m really proud of it. I just edited it together for the first time. We’ve had it for years and I wouldn’t look at it. I was too anxious to look at it. What if it’s not there? I don’t know what to do. Then about a couple months ago, I was like guys, I think it’s time. I need to see it. Then I went and saw it and I felt better. It hadn’t even been edited for four years. It was just sitting in an editorial bin with nobody looking at it.” 

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